The Highest Obedience

All that is solely earthly, which relates to this life only needs to progressively lose its nearness to us (enjoy without clinging – 1Tim 6:17), esp. all that concerns our own lives as it pertains to earthly matters alone. The more mindful we are of putting others before ourselves (Phil 2:3), the more practical we live in the highest order of obedience to Christ, which alone pleases God the most (Jhn 15:12).

When we practice minding God and others, esp. brothers and sisters in Christ more than minding ourselves we are “walking in the Spirit” to the fullest. If this be not our ongoing primary motive in our ways, “how can we love God?” (1Jhn 4:20). Otherwise it’s still only desired-love for God which has yet to mature to practical-love to God!

Hence the similarity here with the two “great commandments” given to the Jews (Mat 22:36-40). All else is under this supreme achievement, apart from which renders every doctrine and their desired practical-attempts—incomplete. All who are born again will eventually be become aware of the prominence for the practical-desire of selflessness, for such is the Father’s over-riding work in us—that we walk in love to Him by loving others!