The Horror and The Wonder


The Horror and The Wonder

Yes it is the Cross that I am speaking about . As we focus on the horrific events that transpired we also will get an insite about what Jesus said " When I am lifted up on the cross , I will draw everyone to myself ..... John 12 :32 .

Why do you suppose God let Jesus hang between two thieves?
Was it because He wanted us all to see the depths of shame which Jesus was willing to endure?
What messages were being told as we gaze upon that scene ?

To me because Jesus became " King of Kings" but born in a stable he was not recognized by all men . But He proved to us who believe , that God is not a respector of persons , and so He died the same way as He came into the world.

To me " the thieves" represent all human race. .... all races , all nationalities , cultures and backgrounds were divided on the cross .
We either believe that Jesus is the Son of God or we do not .

What will you do with Jesus ?

On the cross crucified for me He died.