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BONDMAN UPDATE - Tuesday, November 29

A BIG welcome to new folks here: 364 total visits a couple of days ago! - with a daily current average of 211. Thankyou, Lord!!!

So sorry for the great long time "between drinks". I've wanted to do an Update, but just haven't been up to it. Still aren't!

So this is just a short note to tell you that things continue to get more difficult for us to manage to look after ourselves and to somehow keep going. That's the crux of it, really, for nothing is actually all that different, just very HARD times for both of us in our specific ways - with my Lady the worst off, poor Dear!! Fact of the matter is we're truly unable to take care of ourselves any more - but cannot see any solution to that.

Oh, one extra problem. It's basically summer, hot and humid. And the quite small brownish ants that live everywhere are hungry and want to come inside to find food. We've had two mornings running awaking to find the kitchen full of these little wretches. Unpacking cupboards of food containers, etc. to clear them out, then searching for where they got in this time - and trying to block then - is all simply too much for us physically, yet has to be done anyway whether we're up to it or not. (If there are ants in heaven, I do hope they are more well-behaved!!)

Thankyou so much for praying for us prior to our healing, and for Avril, who is making very, very slow progress!!

With much love as always!!

- BM and his Beloved
BONDMAN UPDATE - Monday, December 12

Hi to everyone!

Well, the good news is that we're still here, and still more or less going! Hmm, I just stopped there for a minute or two, wondering if there was anything else to say!! Okay, other good news is that God is still in His heaven, is still God, still knows everything, still loves us madly, is still always WITH us and always IN us as well, never ever leaving us for even a millisecond, still has total power and is still fully in charge. Which is NOT to say that He is "interfering" in the world and the things of the world. Mostly He lets the world run its course, simply KNOWING way beforehand what's gonna happen!!

Many blame God for earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, and the like. As if HE says, "Hey, today I think I'll wipe out part of that country," just for fun as it were. No, WE - our sin - messed up the world, and that mess-up is still going along pretty-much all on it's own. So WE have to take responsibility for our part in major tragedies - certainly not blame Him! And praying for God to change it is rather futile. Like a friend just told me about asking for God to give her green lights all the way home! Like He's gonna do THAT - unless in very exceptional circumstances, and for VERY good reason that He has chosen to act. We CAN pray for those who remain who have suffered and are suffering from a major tragedy. God will answer those prayers according to how serious our Christian life is (how much power we have in prayer), AND according to His will (as He sees fit).

Sending His beloved Son to sacrifice Himself so we may have all sins forgiven and washed away for ever, is the part He played - little to nothing more is required! We Believers in His Son He has His hand upon. Which is not to say to keep us from all problems. In fact Christians have even MORE problems. Jesus: "In the world you will have tribulation!" (John 16:33b) That's His promise to us!! - NOT you'll have a great and easy life that millions look for and many, many preachers say is our right, which is unScriptural rubbish!! But it's okay because He added that He's overcome the world, i.e., He works in us to enable us to be overcomers IN whatever situation we find ourselves, no matter how bad!! So are you an overcomer? Ought to be!!

Alright, one change: I'm getting blinder. I've been on the expensive drops, hopefully to dissolve the cataracts, for maybe 1 1/2 months. I have to wait 3 to 6 if they going to dissolve them. Meantime my right, better eye, well the cataract has started growing in it too!! Oh me, oh my! I'm sure glad that I belong to God as my Father!!

Beloved's found a Naturopath who has a medication for the liver, that was designed to help Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!!! Very expensive. Not sure what I feel about that: I'm TRUSTING God to heal us. I want HIM to get ALL the glory when He takes all these myriad things away and makes us whole (not some medication)!! We take a pile of meds night and morning as you know. How much do they help? We truly don't know. In many or even most cases maybe not one bit!!

Please continue to pray for my Lady that DEPRESSION will not get a hold of her. It gets close numbers of times a week when all manner of things are going wrong, need to be done and she's too sick, or in too much pain, and thus stressing her. I continue to work very hard via my deep love for her to help keep her positive!! (and it does work, Thankyou Lord!!)

Prayer for each one of you, especially in the stresses of Christmas-time. We'll pass it by as usual, cos it's 'Christmas' every day, and we hate the materialism, the hype, the nonsense of so much of it in the West. With all our love - and Thankyou so much for your wonderful PRAYERS!!!

- BM with his Lady
A message of hope. Yes it is. In the midst of all that ails our old world, and all we do to keep messing up, God still is on the throne watching, caring, loving. Continuing to pray for you and your beloved lady BM. God's promises are always true and one day He'll reach down His mighty hand and sweep away the ravages of illness that you two endure daily.

Much love from this side of the pond.
Much love back, my dear Brother!

Wonderful words, thankyou! We all need encouragement, no matter who we are, and you did just that, and in a very special way!!

God's blessings to you, my friend!!

- BM
BONDMAN UPDATE - Monday, December 26

(Please see "Warning" below)

A belated "Happy Christmas" to all!! We had our usual quiet one with no gifts given or received, and just us. But Beloved did some special things for us as usual and we much enjoyed, well, two really lovely days actually.

May I share a few things with you. For those who get tired of me "having another go" or "sounding off" again - well, I'm NOT doing so for me or Beloved!!! We're already right IN the loop, okay!. The big question is, are you? And if not, is that cos you don't care (a) whether you end up in heaven or hell, or (b) don't know God gives true Christians an INCREDIBLE one-off REWARD in heaven, OR you just don't care how good or bad your Reward is? (None of those are very good... but let's get started.)

So, did you give and receive gifts this year? I do understand how hard it is not to, because our society is so geared to the Christmas "splurge" where we sometimes give unwanted gifts, or unneeded gifts, but then at other times appreciated ones. Yet I wonder how much you spent altogether? I was just doing some figures on this and chose a fairly conservative figure of $220 to have spent on Christmas.

Going to I see that a pair of Chickens can be given to a really poverty-stricken Christian Dalit ("Untouchable") family in India. This would give 40 dozen eggs in a year - a wonderful source of nutrition for a family. And if chicks are bred, more eggs and food also! OR a pair of Rabbits will produce 40 bunnies, providing nutritions food, and even income by selling them. Note: the first pair of offspring are given to another church family - so there's a wonderful growing affect by this gift!!


$220 would give an astonishing 20 pairs of either 'wabbits' *grin!* or chickens. This sort of help could be the FIRST that a Dalit family (the lowest of the low in India - literally not considered to be human under the Hindu caste system) has EVER received from anyone else throughout an astonishing 2,000 years of earlier generations!!! Acts 20:35 I have shown you all things, that so labouring you ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive. May I quietly ask you: "Do you obey, or disobey this command of God from his precious Word?"

I know you did GIVE at Christmas - but I suspect not to the support of the weak and seriously needy. I also understand that to become as we personally have become in giving to others, not buying Christmas presents for Westerners, but giving to those in need according to His Word, that this can be most difficult with children in your families. Yet I have to wonder if giving to each other who live in plenty while others Believers literally struggle to survive is actually teaching them, from a young age, the very thing that WE ought not to be doing.

I can say without fear of contradiction that our normal Christmas giving within Western families is NOT pleasing to the Lord. Just the opposite!!! (SERIOUS!!) Yet you can give to others in need like the Word of God COMMANDS you to, by simply filling in a few words on a wonderful Christian website!! (The rest is all done for you!!) If you greatly displeased God this Christmas, will you make a decision to do MUCH better next week - or certainly next year? These days, throughout each year - we are giving to Believers in need. It was not always so of course. We had to work at it and LEARN how to change our mind-set and way of living - and that wasn't easy. But because we persisted in our desire to please God, it is easy now!!

WARNING: it's possible, and in fact highly likely, that the extreme hardships that we can all expect because of the state of the world will badly affect us all in 2012. Once it starts, there appears to be no way of stopping it. True Christians need to be getting ready for hard times that could well come next year or at any time after, i.e., to get closer to the Lord, to trust Him more, to look for his NT commands so as to become more obedient, and learning how to live out the gifts of the Spirit, Galatians Ch 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control: against such there is no law.

So I wish you all to grow in your Christian life, for all of you to be TOTALLY HIS. Re-give ALL of your life to Jesus, for ever - and learn to live this out.

With all of our love to each one reading this!!

- BM with his Lady

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Thank you my friend for this reminder of where our focus needs to be, not only at Christmas, but throughout the year. That is my pledge in 2012 to give move. In 2012 I intend to start a regular monthly giving to gfa and the Dalit people. Blessings my friends for the remainder of this year and into/through 2012.
Thankyou so much, Nick!

Wow what a great New Year "resolution!" Anyone else going to join in? I can tell you of the great JOY every single month, knowing the major change coming into the life of Dalit Believers through the amazing work of GFA. God's given us a much larger task now, and so for the moment cannot fit this giving in. But we just LOVED it!!

Much love in Jesus!!

- BM
BONDMAN UPDATE - Tuesday, January 17

How time flies when you're having fun! Now we are already churning through 2012 at a great rate of knots! But I do hope your Christmas and New Year was a joy to you. Our Christmas was quiet as usual - just the two of us, and we enjoyed a special time together, with two days running where we did rather well, then the third day was a disaster for us both health-wise. C'est la vie!!

The world in general and America in particular literally continues to race towards self-destruction (you've heard of the 1929 Depression, right? - well this will likely be worse). I cannot tell you here how serious things are for you Americans - my heart sinks when I think of it. All I can say is for you to seek to COMMIT all of you to Him, knowing that things are fast becoming very bad and dangerous!

Life continues to slowly get more and more tough for us (so what's new...!) Both Beloved's arms are dreadful pain-wise. She's going to get another cortisone injection in one shoulder on Wednesday, without any certainty it will help. Her constant (shifting around) pains really gets her down at times, and of course there's then the matter of trying to find a way to be comfortable in bed so as to get some decent sleep (basically never happens).

Doc said my B.P is down (95 over 60). I've had a life of stable B.P. - nurses in hospital used to say, "No point in taking it again cos it will be the same as last time!" He doesn't know what to do with me seeing I'm still alive when I shouldn't be, but no matter - I AM still alive and waiting for God's healing! When I pray these days I say, "Thankyou, Lord, that we are healed!! And thankyou that our money is in our Charity account!!" We base this on Hebrews Ch 11:1 in the Amplified Version:

NOW FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

That is, via faith, we HAVE what we've asked for (provided we asked correctly, not for selfish reasons, etc) - we already have it... and are now just waiting for the manifestation of it. VERY POWERFUL!!

We sure do need both of these things (healing, money), but God's timing is perfect - and He has a good reason for making us wait for so long. Meantime, we have need for extra money to supplement our very low pensions, so that we can fix and do some work around our home while still continuing our serious and considerable giving that we've made an agreement with the Lord to do. So I am now searching for a largish Charity here in Oz who will give some money to OUR Charity!! Could be a long and arduous task, but God is fully in control, and we trust HIM!!

To those who've been praying for Avril who I've been evangelising without result, today the very FIRST signs that she could ultimately make it to the Lord! Yee-harr!!! Thankyou, Lord!!!

I've been frantically busy with important jobs, and one day did have another melt-down, but now seem to be slowly getting them done. Thankyou for your FAITHFUL prayers for us both. No way we could make it without your support!!!

With all of our thanks, love and appreciation!!

- BM, with his Lady

Our personal website is temporarily off the air *grr!!* This affectS SO MANY things on my Messages here INCLUDING pics missing and leaving big blank spaces!

We are working VERY hard to get it back up - but are dependent on other entities for the length of time this will take... :( Please show Godly patience *smile!* and The Inner Room will all be back soon as possible.

- BM and his Lady
BONDMAN UPDATE - Tuesday, January 31

Hi to everyone in the name of the Lord Jesus!

Whoa, simply don't believe our experiences since we had to change the host for, our personal domain on the Net. It's very complicated to do this, and it does not happen in a hurry. After a lot of kerfuffling we found a large hosting site called Hostpapa. How could we know what was coming? - literally days of problem after problem after problem trying to get a properly working account with them!! Ultimately we had to cancel - but are still waiting for a refund! Okay then, look for another host! Here our friend Nick came to our rescue recommending two good sites he uses (wish we'd done that FIRST, Nick...) We ultimately chose the larger one which has a very high rating as a good host site. So far all is proceeding well, and within a day or two we should have everything back and running!

Now, as if above wasn't enough for us to cope with, at the same time we've had problems with email clients - first Outlook Express started playing up, so we shifted to Thunderbird (a dreadful program BTW) which soon started gobbling up emails before we could read them!! Shifted to an old Incredmail, which I really cannot use cos it has white parts on the page which don't change to black for me (probably not a good program for us anyway). Beloved is now setting up Outlook 2000, which amazingly (like Outlook Express) changes the WHOLE background to black to help my poor ole eyes!!

LATER. Days later, probably. Outlook is no good for us - has some really WEIRD features that are simply unusable on XP! So we went to Windows Live Mail (anyone getting the feeling that all of this is plain crazy - well, you're right; computers, the Net, all constructed, programmed, etc. by mankind, and mostly not very well, not very well at all. We are all stuck with the good and the bad, whether we like it or not!!) Anyway, Live Mail wasn't too bad on my black background setup for my eyes, and my Lady soon found ways of manipulating some of the colours (sometimes she's just "magic!!") - and at time of writing we are gingerly using it just a little, and so far it's going okay! Phew!! Hope that continues. Our domain ( is slowly spreading around the whole WEB. Once CFS receives the new data concerning, then suddenly all the photos, pics, etc. will magically appear!

Today we have some hope that we are through the worst of this even though still a fair bit to do: sometime or other we hope to have everything back to, well, normal (but how often are our computers EVER "normal"?) Obviously all of this has truly 'killed' us both! So, why is it that our lovely God thinks that 2 people with our serious degree of ill-health are able to handle what we've just been through, we surely do not understand!! What we DO understand though is that He is fully in charge and is totally mistake-free!!! HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!! So we TRUST Him, knowing that Jesus promised hardships, trials, tribulations for those who love Him. We have been nearly buried in them this past week, but if you look hard you'll see a nose or two just above the morass around us!! haha!!

We MUST thank all those lovely Brothers and Sisters who have prayed us through this dreadful time. You know who you are! Prayer does work! Without 1) our FAITH in the Lord and 2) those who PRAY for us - well, I'm quite prepared to say, without any fear of contradiction, that WE WOULD NOT BE HERE (having taken our lives or whatever - yup the difficulties we cop in our lives ARE that bad and that serious!!!)

So we bless His Name, and give Him our LIFE and LOVE, along with full thanks and glory and honour - for only HE IS GOD!!!

Many blessings to you and you and you! We love you!!

- BM and his Lady
BONDMAN UPDATE - Tuesday, February 20

I believe that on the odd occasion *hehe!* I've mentioned that our time as True Believers "down here" is trials and tribs." in contrast to where we are going, cos "up there" is gonna be fantasmagorical... and them some!!! Thing is I'm seeing more and more that the trials and tribs. God promises in the NT are meant to be pretty-much all the time for those who are truly His!

THUS... going to Windows Live Mail we've had to cope with a dreadful BUG plus some appalling and foolish programming!! The bug - well, Microsoft don't care and have no intention of fixing it. Everyone on the Net complains about it, BUT... my clever Sweetheart has figured a way around it, well at least a better way than anyone else has found!! Isn't she amazing!! We've just about got it sorted as our email program, so that's a major "PHEW!!"

But then the Lord started on the next lot of problems - and it's back to our Air Purifiers again. We've complained about enough things that the Seller of them wants to come and take them back, giving us a full refund (that's correct by Aussie law). So we're now up to our eye-balls ONCE AGAIN going through all the Air Purifiers available in Australia, trying to decide what on earth is the best to do. They have to WORK, so we're wary of changing brands, but we get problems with the ones we've got - THOUGH they do work!!! Problem: are they going to continue to, and/or cost us a fortune in repairs once out of Warranty? So it's another day, another dollar here. Situation normal! Same as usual! Beloved's stressed out of her brain, and I'm pretty tired, and we have many more days research to do - but we'll get there. We always do - cos GOD is amazing in us!!

May I share some wonderful things a lovely friend wrote to us recently. Her family do it as tough as us, so obviously God loves them a lot too! Our families truly care and pray for each other regularly. She said, "Because only friends given to us from God can be so faithful even when we are in trials." Wow, that is very wise!!

She also quoted: "Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in His sufferings in order that we may also share in His glory. I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us" (Romans Ch 8:17-18). Hey, that's what I was saying at the start of this!!

And lastly, "Like Paul says: "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, Who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God" (2 Cor. Ch 1:3-4)" OH, YES!!! And our two families both experience and do all of these things!! Praises to His glorious Name, and blessings to Him for His Holy Spirit within us! (I hope He FULLY dwells in you also!!)

Our various health problems are similar to last time except that the cataracts are continuing to grow in my eyes! So in some conditions outside I can only see things that are close, the rest is just light. Indoors, I need at least a 3-power magnifying glass to be able to read a letter or the paper (quite wearing actually). Sometimes the screen I'm looking at here is not too bad; other times I'm beginning to struggle a bit despite ALL of the things we've done to help. 3-6 mths is when the drops will start working (it's about 3 mths I think) IF they are going to: but it is ALL in God's hands!!

May your day today be a "God-day" where what HE wants and expects of you, you will DO, forgetting the things that YOU want!

With much love to all!!

- BM and his wonderful Lady
I do see changes to this forum program from time to time, including good ones, but the basic program will never do any sort of decent job IMHO.
BONDMAN UPDATE - Wednesday, March 7

I do so wish I could write shorter Updates regularly - but it's just not possible! *sigh!*

VERY important and SERIOUS prayer request at bottom!!

PLEASE NOTE: A MUST READ! I've written the most important thing I've ever done - a shortish piece called "ESSENTIALS for You to Become and Be a TRUE CHRISTIAN," because the New Testament is actually perfectly clear than ONLY what I call a True Christian will end up with God in Heaven. It has 8 Essentials, clearly set out, with supporting Scriptures. I hope to put it up in the next couple of days, and will put a notification on the TOP of my Sig. so you can see that it's ready. For you own sake read and act upon this important writing!!!

I wrote it because even I've continued to more and more see the seriousness of these Essentials, and that the church of today virtually has it all totally back to front as to what GOD requires. VERY SERIOUS INDEED!!

We're having a bad time, with both of us more ill than usual. The downward move continues, with more struggling than we used to have, that's for sure! Yes, sometimes it does feel scary, but our trust IS in the Lord!! Without Him where would any of us be?!!

We have 4 new Daikin brand Air Purifiers that seem to be great, and much superior and better quality than the old ones which we returned and were fully reimbursed for. BUT with constant wet weather and high humidity some things are still going moldy, so my hard-working Lady is constantly looking for any patches of mould starting and using vinegar in water on it (which we know does actually work). The hard parts are on ceilings requiring us to use a ladder and wearing us both out and starting new bodily pains for Beloved.

URGENT and SERIOUS!! Finally, we continue to need some money for our not-for-profit Charity, The Widows Mite, to continue the support of Christians in need that we've done now for years. We've always funded this ourselves out of our pensions, but for the immediate future can not manage this. I am therefore looking for money for the Charity. Currently I can see 3 possible means of bringing in funds: A. Would need a rich Christian I know of to give us a largish amount of money. B. Needs at least a small amount to invest for high returns. C. Try and find rich people here who may give us some funds - I'm not sure this is a good option.

Okay, A. I have to wait, it would be great to get a larger amount, but it's not certain. B. Has a time limit to start it, and I have to get the 'small amount' - but it IS a certain 'goer'. I'm starting serious prayer for early guidance - and SUCCESS!! Please support me - the very lives of dear Believes depend on it!!! [March 8: please see next Post for God's very prompt answer!]

Bless you, as always, for your care, love, and prayers!! All our love to you!!

- BM and his lady
In the above Update I said:

"Okay, A. I have to wait, it would be great to get a larger amount, but it's not certain. B. Has a time limit to start it, and I have to get the 'small amount' - but it IS a certain 'goer'. I'm starting serious prayer for early guidance - and SUCCESS!! Please support me - the very lives of dear Believes depend on it!!!"

Bless the Lord: He has answered already through an amazingly relevant verse He reminded Beloved of after she'd gone to bed!! The answer is B. and we have already started with this!

Thankyou for PRAYING!!

- BM and Beloved
BONDMAN UPDATE - Saturday, March 17

Firstly, an APOLOGY!! I've not put up "Essentials for You to Become and Be a True Christian" like I promised. The reason is that I just cannot figure out where best to put it!! Sounds like a poor excuse, I know! - but it's the most important thing I've ever written, and where to put it is a real problem...

In case you didn't read the above post, then we got a strong answer from the Lord that B is the way to go, i.e., investing for our Charity, seeing as the needs at the current time are so GREAT!! Thankyou for your prayers!! We cannot believe how complex this has all been to do so far - and we've got about as much again still to go! But in time we'll have it all up and going, and asking the Lord for very necessary, nice income!!

In the middle of this two 'charming' Hotels in America tried to take money from our Credit Card (and failed because our bank caught it!) but we had to cancel the card of course, and only got the replacement today! Meantime, there you are without a card for a week - hmm, and the banks cannot think of a better system than that?

To add to our life difficulties, we're experiencing a pile of wet weather and much serious flooding in different parts of Australia, and in our home our mould problem has once again reared it's ugly head. It's BADLY affecting Beloved's health (we can't quite figure why). She did such a mammoth job last year to rid the place of mould, that's it's an awful shock to have it back again!! What to do? For us with all our health problems, not much left by way of options for us, other than once again my dear lady killing herself aiming to clean up all places - all over the house - where it's reappearing.

But I've started using the American expression (I think it is) that: "Life's a hoot!!!" as we experience our personal version of Jesus' promise to the True Christian Believer: John 16:33b "In the world you WILL have tribulation."

We've had a carer change which means losing Avril. I'll have to organise a time when she can come and see me regularly. She seems to be having some success - at long last - in seeking for the Lord - a MAJOR encouragement for her and me!! Grateful for any and all prayer for her, for I now see a great chance that she will end up in the Kingdom!

Beloved's been having one after another of the headaches that wipe her out! Yet she somehow keeps going through all of her pains. But her life is now so hard that it's really, really AWFUL to watch her struggles each and every day. Surely the Lord will soon look kindly upon her (and me) and begin our HEALING!!!

For that and your prayers for investment success, along with Avril's progress, from the bottom of my heart: "Thank you!!!"

May deep-down love, joy and peace more and more be your experience. Praise His Name!!

- BM with his lady
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