~The Man Who Had Plenty~




~The Man Who Had Plenty~

Once there was a family that was not rich and not poor. They lived in
Ohio in a small country house. One night they all sat down for dinner,
And there was a knock at the door. The father went to the door and
Opened it.

There stood an old man in tattered clothes, with ripped pants and missing
Buttons. He was carrying a basket full of vegetables. He asked the family
If they wanted to buy some vegetables from him. They quickly did
Because they wanted him to leave.

Over time, the family and the old man became friends. The man brought
Vegetables to the family every week. They soon found out that he was
Almost blind and had cataracts on his eyes. But he was so friendly that
They learned to look forward to his visits and started to enjoy his

One day as he was delivering the vegetables, he said, "I had the greatest
Blessing yesterday! I found a basket of clothes outside my house that
Someone had left for me."

The family, knowing that he needed clothes, said, "How wonderful!"

The old blind man said, "The most wonderful part is that I found a family
That really needed the clothes."

~Jerry Ullman~