The Message Of The Cross

How many of you have seen "My Hope America" the new show that Billy Graham airing? He is doing this is honor of his 95th birthday. If you have not seen it you should. It is amazing.

I was moved by the message, not only because I miss the man's crusades dearly, but because of his message. It is a simple message. It is the message of the cross. This is the message that he has given us for six decades now.

He never talks about politics and his message says nothing about how giving him money will fill your wallet with cash. He doesn't claim to be a great healer or miracle worker. He is a very humble man. A reporter asked him what he wanted to ask Jesus when he got to heaven and he replied, " I want to ask Jesus, why me? I was a better farmer than I was a preacher."

Mr. Grahams message has always been about Christ. We are all sinners. None of us want to admit we are sinners, but sin is an offense to the cross. The cross is the only hope that we have as sinners. Our hope and salvation is at the foot of the cross and Jesus shed His blood for us.

That is the message that he gave to 220,000 million people on every continent around the world for over six decades. It is a lasting message that has spanned the centuries and will continue until Jesus returns. Maybe we complicate things to much these days. Perhaps we should take our minds off politics and prosperity and put in on the simple message that has lasted for over 2000 years.