The most random thread ever created since randomness

The most random thread ever created since randomness

It is so random it is mind blowing.

Be as random as you want. Doesn't make a difference.

I saw a bird with braces. Wow.

Obviously, there is intelligent life - it's the form of your pets. Come on, seriously? you say. Oh yes seriously. Dogs come from Mars, Horses from Venus, Snakes from Jupiter, Birds from Neptune...I think you can figure out the rest.

What's the best way to be patriotic for the 4th of July? Leave the country.

Here's a fast way to Go Green - paint and buy everything green. Green fridge, green house, green furniture...saves the planet.

Nothing on Television is real. The news isn't either. Well...the foreign ones happen to be 25% real while the American ones have a 1% chance of actually telling the truth. LIAH!

If you want to gain 50 pounds the fast way - just stay with Paula Dean for a week. All those fad diets just go out the window...

If you put your dog in the washing machine just to say money...that's a bad sign. RUN!


This recently discovered creature began to show signs of divine purpose. Christian researchers observe spiritual intentions in the creatures habbits. The Domartivus Calmia has been discovered only in lower Slembovia.

A close cousin to the Evebrian Sirpin, the creature mimics almost exactly the anatomy.

-Dr. H. Hevrin of CSF Lab Northern Slembovia.
Silly-News - stuff you never thought could make news headlines:

July 15th, 2200

President Dick Ulpa of the United States of America was seen at Rick Donalds picking up a Big Slap for 2,99 poolas.

The new holiday - Veggie Day - is a big hit. Everyone across the world is requested to eat vegetables and vegetable-soy products. Even the infamous "Heart Attack on a Fork" Steakhouse got healthier products with 90% less cholestoral than their regular meals.

Gasoline prices reached a record low of $.20 a galloon at many gas stations. Areas are in the Midwest and the deep South. People were flying in from all over the U.S. trying to save money, with gas prices going between $2.00 - $10.00 a gallon.
My feet itch a little…
Might be the toenail polish.

Wish I had a mountain dew.

Frogs are cool.

Woodchucks hire out all their work to the beavers.
It’s a union thing. :D
McDonalds was created off of The Brady Bunch, not the song.

The Internet is 90% bad, 10% good.

Google is the #1 most random site in the world.

Every 10 seconds someone gets on the Internet.

There are different sizes of Bibles:

Teeny Tiny for easy storage - can hardly read it but it saves a lot of space
Small for put-in-your-pocket time, or purse
Regular for Church meetings, putting on your book shelf, and whatever else you can think of....
Large for old people who have bad eyesight, and for the pastor when he gets that extra pump of adrenaline and needs the BIG words for his BIG blood rush
X-Large just because the words are this Big
X-X-Large - Can't understand why you would want a 200 foot Bible?
there's a foam water cup that i use everyday in front of me, and i'm looking at it.............................................. it's white


Is this silly day ? He He to think. Hmmm .

Hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock.:D

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.:)

There was an old woman she lived in a shoe ... had so many children din't know what to do :cool:

Just into my second childhood.... He he .... It's called sometimers.

The Sun doesn't shine it burns.

The moon doesn't glow it glitters.

Swiss cheese is always nuclear on peas.

I got a pickle for a nickel, and broke my fiddle a little.

A chicken looks better on your dinner plate than in your lawn :)D)