The Movie Game!

Apr 24, 2007
The Secret Place
The Movie Game!


The Idea of the game is to Post a screenshot of a movie you have seen, and everyone else has to guess what it is.
If the person who posted the active picture notices that the picture is too hard, they can post more pictures or some trivia to help. If nobody has managed to guess the correct movie after 48 hours, and the active "quiz-master" is no-where to be found, someone can post a new picture. If the quiz-master continues to post hints and new pictures, but still nobody manages to guess correct, it's up to the quiz-master to decide if the current quiz is too hard.

Everything is allowed. But only movies.

If you post a picture of a movie series it's up to the poster to decide how specific the answer need to be.

Hints for finding a picture to post:

1. Google, what else...

2. If you have a DVD player on your computer you can take screencaps by using different screencapping progs (ex: Fraps) or you can use the screencapping tool usually embedded in your sowtware dvd-player. (ex: VLC aka VideoLAN is nice and easy, just rightclick and press find the "take screencap" button on the drop down menu. You can do just the same with Windows Media Player. Go to Tools -> Options -> Performance, then take video acceleration down to none. By pressing "CTRL+i" you should be able to take a screenshot.)

You can upload your picture on some video-hosting service like Photobucket or Image shack, and then use the link you get to your picture inside an -tag

Be careful to rename your photo... don't make it something like "starwars.jpg", but rather "untitled.jpg" or something obscure. [/LEFT]

If you are 100% affirmative that you know where the picture is from, you don't have to wait for confirmation.

Lets have some fun! :D

Ill start with an easy one.