The New Pope

I am not sure. All my vitals are in good shape but the last several days I have been sick to my stomach. I am type 2 diabetic so I think it is probably something with that. I go to the dr. in few weeks so I pray that it will be healed by then.

Thanks for asking and please pray for me, as I will for you.

And by the way, welcome to this site. I hope you will be active and encouraging to us as we hopefully will be to you.

I have enjoyed our conversation.

Indeed I will keep you in my prayers.

And thanks, Major -- I've enjoyed it too, and look forward to more of these.

God bless and be with you.
You have the tool for sex with a woman whether you marry or not. You said somewhere that people can be born gay. But a baby's thinking is not on sex. A baby however is NOT born neutral is born hetrosexual as God MADE the baby straight. God even gives most people eyes and hands to confirm their sex. No Christian should entertain the homo-gene rubbish.

I agree KJ, homosexuality is a choice, no matter how comfortable it may feel to the chooser. I understand that there are some conditions that modern psychiatry determines are NOT the fault of the person who has them, but that's NOT what the Bible teaches us. The Bible teaches us that we are without excuse when we go against God. I also acknowledge that there are congenital conditions that make it hard, or at least used to make it hard, to determine the actual gender of the child. THAT, is the result of SIN that has corrupted mankind. It is an exception to the human rule and as such needs to be dealt with compassionately and intelligently. MANY Christians just don't get that issue and are very reactionary in their views. However, I digress, the OP was about what the Pope said.