The 'Not-So-Right' Advice Thread

Jan 15, 2008
The 'Not-So-Right' Advice Thread

The 'Not-So-Right' Advice Thread, is a game where you post a question, and another person will give you the opposite of the right or best advice - they'll give you something you probably shouldn't do in real life!

Here's an example:

Q: My toilet is stopped up because I put to much toilet paper in it. What do I do?

A: Get a grenade, pull the plug, throw it in the toilet, and you won't have a stopped up toilet anymore.

Side Notes:

1) - You must post an answer to the person's question above you
2) - You can also put your question in the same post
3) - This is just for fun and is not intended in anyway to be mean or harmful. I saw this on another Christian forum I was browsing and I thought the idea was pretty funny.
4) - Please have fun and remember, be respectful of the forum rules as I want to keep this very friendly. I don't want it to get out of hand, but I trust you guys so much and know you aren't the type of people to do something bad. :D

Thanks everyone!




Jul 27, 2007
Question : My male cat beats up on the smaller female cat all the time . What do I do ?

( And be nice with your answer ...... He he :D:D )