The Searcher

The eunuch spoken of in the passage below was searching the scripture and trying to understand, but could not make sense of what he was reading.

There are people that have a hunger for salvation and seek to understand how they can be saved. They go through life questioning and have a hunger and a need to understand, but without knowing what the gospel is until someone shares it with them.

Imagine what might have happened if Philip had not listened to the leading of the Holy Spirit and ran after this man. How would it have gone if Philip had not asked him if he understood?

When we encounter such searchers, we cannot assume that they understand what they have studied or that someone else has explained the gospel to them. When God calls on us to talk with another person and to explain the gospel to them we need to listen and obey.

If we assume that they already know or that someone else has already explained it to them we may very well miss out on a chance to help a brother or sister into the faith.

Imagine missing out on the being part of a joy so great that even the angels feel it. Imagine the horror of knowing that the person you were called upon to speak with dies shortly afterward. Imagine the sorrow of knowing that you may have been their last chance to hear the gospel before they left this world.

When God calls on us to share with others it is our duty, privilege, and honor to share the truth of Jesus’ sacrifice for our redemption and His resurrection that shows us His power over death and hell. We cannot say that we love others and then not tell them of the love of Holy God and what death without Jesus means.

Someone shared the truth with us; it would be selfish to keep that news to ourselves.

People are searching for Jesus.

We have a task to do. Let’s get to it.
Matthew 28:19-20
Luke 15:10
Acts 8:26-40