The Seed The Word

He must increase and John had to decrease because John's popularity was pretty high before Jesus really started His mission, so then John's popularity HAD to go down while Jesus goes up so that people will be believing in Him. John was setting the way for the New Covenant, it starts with John's new type of preaching of repentance in the wilderness. I believe John the baptist was a priest ? and the way he was dressed was not appropriate for a priest and very wrong according to jewish tradition but that is the beginning of the New Covenant to show that old things are gone and new things have begun.

Jesus being formed in the believers? Do you mean through prayer and having a personal relationship with Him? With time He will build is up and build our roots so that we become more like Him. Walk in His footsteps.
I mean the word of God growing in a believer and producing a harvest of rightouseness and eternal life of all who believe.Jesus is the Living Word of God He is the Son of God.There is so much that im getting glimpses of that is how we grow from glory to glory where the Spirit is there is liberty and the Lord is the Spirit.He is Life eternal who ever believes in Him will truly never die John 10:24-25.I want to grow in grace in Christ Jesus there is no sin.True even as believers we still have sin in our body but the body is dead because of sin.But if the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead be in us then He will quicken our mortal bodies so we can live the new creation life.Ressusrection life Jesus said whoever believes in Him will never die John 10:24-25 absent from the body present with the Lord.James told believers to rid themselves of the overflow of wickedness and recieve with meekness the impanted word wich is able to save our souls.The word of the Lord endures forever and that is the word that is in our hearts.The word of God is near us and in us Romans10:5-13 .I pray that every believer realizes the importance of Gods word Jesus said the words that He spoke are Spirit and Life.It is written i believed therefore i have spoken we must not only read we must speak by faith .Lord teach us how to use Your word You uphold all things by the word of Your power.Let us all speak words of life over ourselves and all those whom we love.Jesus said only believe and we will see the glory of God it only belongs to Him my only boast is in Him.He alone is worthy Jesus truly is LOrd.
Father God I ask of you only to forgive my sins and to have mercy and patience with a man like me who does his own will sometimes and waits not for you. I ask you in your Son's name to forgive me and bring me wisdom that I may speak what you command me to speak oh glorious King. my only boast is that I am your son oh great LORD
I thank you Father for bringing me great people here and I ask you to bless Adam and each and everyone one of them so that we may not fall but do your will Lord God of heaven and earth.
Praise be You Oh righteous Leader.

God bless you Adam
We need to learn His word more and apply it to our life and live by it and nothing else is worth it in this life, only Jesus, AMEN brother AMEN
Amen my dear brother i love you bro God bless and He promised and said that His own will not fall because He is able to make us stand and stand strong in His name.Dear brother im so sorry that i ever fell into sin after i became a believer the great pain it has caued me and others still hurts my heart so much.Im so gratefull that God is so kind and mercifull truly He alone is worthy and i so much need His wisdom.Teach me dear Lord to be quick to hear slow to speak and ever mercifull to all peopel.Who hurt my heart with the cold things they say.LOrd i want and need Your discipline in my life and to be a partaker of Your peacable fruit of ritghouseness in Jesus name>Please forgive this motor mouth and help me stop putting my foot in my mouth.