The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line

(8 years old), these are some of the lessons I have used in youth/adult Sunday School, thought I'd share these to build up an idea of who I am with the screeners

Tonight I saw a movie called "The Thin Red Line", it was full of sorrow and excitement; feelings of both calmness and rage, it was so moving but in such a strange way.

The movie centered around a battle in the South Pacific, over the Guadalcanal, a battle in which death knocked at every attempt to take a breath. As I sat there watching the spectacular cinematography I couldn't help but wonder who might be saved or lost in this movie. In one scene a young boy had been shot by sniper fire, he was hit in the stomach and n those days that was sure death, nothing could be done for him, the wound was to severe. He laid on the ground, only 15-20 yards form the rest of the squad, screaming in his fellow soldiers looked on, some in horror some in grief.

A medic asked to break from cover and aid the fallen soldier with morphine to numb the pain, the ok was given but as soon as the medic arrived he to was shot by the sniper. Finally the first sergeant reached the kids and gave him the morphine and then ran back to cover, able to do nothing else but help numb the reality of his coming death. The staggering part was throughout the entire scene the kid was crying for his mom and asking why this was happening?

Could this be a good illustration of how satan deceives us? Why were they giving this kid drugs and not the Gospel of Christ? How many of us enter a "spiritual battle" only to be shot down by the enemies snipers, and though we lay there with wounds and pain, are we sometimes offered drugs, self help plans, or physical remedies, al the while needed the blood of Christ to heal our wounds?

It was also strange that while this kids was dying he was looking around at "creation" and not the the creator, I would think that anyone in the midst of dying would be talking to the one who created creation, and the the thing that was created.

For me I wonder about these things everyday; not only about my own life but about the lives of those I ride up the chair lift with or encounter at work. I have accepted Christ, I am secure in His work on the cross and not my own efforts, my salvation id in His hand and His hands are in the Fathers hand, and "nothing" can remove, violate or vandalize that.

I am in such awe of this place..... a place that while beautiful is so full of death.
I sit in wonder sometimes of the conversations that those around me carry on, some are good and some bad, some are simple, while others a re complicated, but all are so close to being fatal... given the place I live.

They talk so casually about climbing the Grand, jumping cliffs and running tree lines, paddling the river or gliding the range, never a thought of what happens "after" death. Most people I talk to about this think that when you die, you simply cease to! nothing could be further from the truth.

Every man/woman lives eternally, but where you live is a different story; for many the choice of eternity with God or not will come to late, for the choice must be made before you stand in front of Him. They may not make the choice while their alive, but once death comes they will have an eternity to think about every-time they "should" have choice Christ, it breaks my heart.

Who know God? Who knows satan? While if you know God, you must certainly know satan; but "just" knowing satan can keep you from knowing God.

Who believes God? Who believes satan? Gods word has stood, is standing and will stand, for Gods word became flesh and was raised from the grave; satan's lies don't even exist!... unless "you" let them.

Who will trust God? Who will be deceived by satan? God created you out f love, satan wants to destroy you out of hate.

Who will you choose?

It's funny to think how satan wants to keep your eyes of God. In this movies deceit was given to so many peoples lives. It was bad enough that these people were already in a physical war, but satan secured their souls by deceiving them with false beliefs of the "after-life", false doctrines of salvation, and how to receive it, and by doubts that there was even a creator at all.

All thought this movie people were confronted with: what will happen when you die. One guy, and I'm sure you know people like this, said that been dealt a crappy hand, while another guy was always having flashbacks of a "better time and place"; still another guy was simply consumed with his accomplishments as an officer and a soldier.

For me the likelihood of anyone in this movie being a Christian was slim, no one looked to Christ for their answers or guidance, their were plenty of prayers during the fighting, but who were they praying to? Most of all, everyone seemed scared to die...???

There were so many opportunities in this movie to coming to know Jesus, just like in our own "daily" lives. Even now while you read this, Jesu sis asking you to know him, but many of you will be deceived by fear and doubt:
Could this be real?
Is Jesus real?
What will other people think?

In this movie they would think of home, a wife, or a place where everything was better, to disguise they fear of dying, or to keep fro questioning whether "anything" else was out there. Some would hope for a "better" place, and this is a very normal thing...most people call that place heaven. There's only one problem, you can't get to heaven without Jesus...not the "true" heaven anyways.

There are a lot of different heavens that people think are "the heaven", but they are in fact camouflages of hell. Jesus says, "I am the WAY, the TRUTH,and the LIFE, no one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6)

Now some people will try and work their way in thorough works of "righteousness".
Paul wrote in Eph 2:8-9, "for it is by grace which you have been saved, through faith and this is not of yourselves, but is the gift of God; not by works so no man can boast".

Some will also try and "sneak" in to heaven with phrases such as:
"If God were a God of love He wouldn't send people to hell".
These people are absolutely right....God doesn't send anyone to hell, but many men and women choose to go there.

You see our lives are like an open book test, God has already let us know that we have sinned and fallen short of Hs glory, (Rom 3:23), He has told us that the wages for sin is death, (Rm 6:23), this is information that God, out of love, has given us.

Of course He also provided the answer, (John 3:16), "For God so loved "us", that while we were yet sinners and couldn't reach His glory, He gave His only Son to die in our place, thus paying our wages for sin; and that who so ever shall believe in Jesus, though faith, shall not live eternally in hell separated from Gods love, but shall live eternally in the place that Jesus is preparing for us.

It's our choice people, to receive or to not receive. "We" seal our own fate, whether it be heaven or hell, either way you do live eternally.
God has written us all an invitation, however whether we decide to attend is still our choice.

It's sort of like the biggest power day in the history of Jackson Hole, 4 feet of fresh, and the Mtn has decided to let everyone ride the lifts for free; however in order to ride you must have a pass, even though the pass is free, you still have to go to the ticket window and claim it.

It's the same story with your salvation, Jesus died as the unblemished lamb in our place, He was the only one who could...he was the only sinless man. A free pass to heaven was made for all, but in order to use the "free" pass you had to at least "claim" it, you had to have faith, and the faith wasn't even the challenge, because God Himself gave it to you. He's done everything but make you decide.

But like many people you may find a reason to not believe. Perhaps it's to go to be true, maybe it's just to weird, maybe this message of life goes in one ear and out the other, or maybe your just scared or embarrassed.... Whatever your reason is, I promise you this day, that it will not be good enough to keep you eternal separation form God.

Many people will find out on "that" day that not only was Jesus real and the Creator and everything He claimed to be, but they will also realize that not only did He created the tree on which our sins nailed Him to, but he covered our sins for us.. but only for those who choose His work and not their own. What a sad day that will be.

Are you one of the many people nailing yourself to your cross, are you wearing a crown of your own thorns? This is how satan deceives us..... by making us believe we must correct our own sins, that if we do what Christ did we will somehow be made clean and righteous. we forget that Christ never sinned and "only" He could become the Lamb for all of us.