The things they say

I'm still awaiting the birth of my first child, due in Sep, but I have experience with little kiddos when I was a pre-school teacher. Once while I was reading a story to the children (they were about 3 yrs old) a character in the story had a beard. I took a moment to make it interactive and asked the kids if any of them had dads with beards. A couple of them piped up, while raising their hands to say "my dad has a beard, my dad has a beard!". One little girl also raised her hand and said "My mom has a beard!"
A few sundays ago our pastor asked everyone to join him in prayer and his grandson bowed his head and said quickly "Thank you God, Amen". Like he was thinking quick lets get this over with.
My little one was saying his memory verse the other day and he says "Jesus said, let the little children come 'onto' me." Unto!!!!! Unto me!!!!! I had to practice that word with him. :smiley110: