The Times We Live In

I was contemplating our society compared to life six thousand years ago the other day. Reading the Old Testament I could see how exacting God was in having those He commanded follow His orders to a 'T'. It made me think that our current society is so far removed in terms of morals and permissiveness, and that we have all grown up in this environment, that it is probable that every single day we think and do things that are very displeasing to God. Our entire society is not walking on the straight path - even less so than millennia ago. But, because it is all we know and because it is the way we have lived for centuries, we don't know any better. We may think we are living righteous lives, but if we are living within the norms of our current age, we are likely far off the straight path.

My point is this: now, more than ever, we need to immerse ourselves in prayer and be especially mindful of God's voice within us because the Word and God's Spirit are the only things that are truly lighting our way in these times of ungodliness. We can no longer rely on what even conservative society sees as right; only God and the Holy Spirit are reliable guides in the times in which we live. We must be doubly dedicated to prayer and forming a connection with God so that when He speaks His guidance, we clearly hear him. There is nothing else we can depend on except God to walk along the straight and narrow path that leads to Him. Many of us don't seem to understand that we all tend to bend God's rules far too often because our world has taught us that this is okay. We have become tolerant of things that God frankly abhors through a lifetime of brainwashing by a society that teaches us to tolerate just about anything. I say, we need more than ever to turn to God and listen close and hard, and then act on what He is telling us. This is hard to do because it puts us at odds with most of society, however we are told to be in the world but not OF the world. I think that in the times that we live, following this command is harder than it has ever been before. We need to watch every single step we take and make doubly sure it is the direction that God wants us to go. We have to forget everything we know about what is right and wrong, and discard it for the voice of the Holy Spirit within us. Trust not in man, especially not now. Trust only in God.