The way to have a true love relationship with the Lord, Jesus.

We,Christians must learn the Bible by Holy Spirit in order
to read the Words in the Spirit by the flesh.(Jn6:63)

Many people live christian living with not having a live relationship with the Lord.
Even if many confess that they love the Lord with their mouth, but their life doesn't prove.(Gal5:19-23)

Many people not know the secret that the humans' Groom is Jesus Christ.
If one is truly in love with the Lord, He or she will only love the Lord,
because the love with the Lord is actually ten thousands times stronger
than the feeling of love with humans.

If you learn how to have a love relationship with the Lord, Jesus, please watch this video first that contains God's message to the world and join this group'Love with the Lord'.

This video is made by not humans but by the Holy Spirit through a person.
And also the group 'Love with the Lord'is led by not humans but our Lord ,Jesus.
If you visit, you will have life saving water that the Holy Spirit teaches through a person.

You're sleeping spirit will be fully awake and your fields of spirit starts to get wet with the true love of the Lord.
Love you In christ. Share this to all of your people you know.