The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

Matthew 22:1-2
22:1 And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said,
22:2 The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son,

Jesus gave the parable of the kingdom of heaven with the king who held a wedding banquet for his son. This parable is very interesting and good for not talking about a rule or law of God but talking about human preferences that is a party.

The wedding is something festive. Inside were a variety of delicious foods with nuts and bolts of beautiful wedding. So if we were invited and went into the wedding, we will be ready to enjoy delicious food and meet people. We will also listen to the melodious music with the singer and a beautiful voice. The wedding will really pamper ourselves. The peak of the wedding is that we will see brides of men and women standing together on the wedding.

One interesting question is why Jesus described the kingdom of heaven with the wedding? Is not "party" itself is a symbol of the grandeur of the world. Why Jesus did not describe it with others such as law or commandments of God?

Indeed Jesus was giving us that picture of the kingdom of heaven is so beautiful. Kingdom of heaven is there substantially. Jesus describes the beauty with the beauty of the wedding. King of the heavenly Father invites us to enter and enjoy the wedding of HIS son of a single Jesus Christ. Church of God is the bride and Father through His servants on earth invited us to attend the wedding.

When we are baptized and accept Jesus as our savior indeed we have been invited to attend the "big party" was. Jesus does not want us to wear old clothes and dirty. So with His blood of expensive. He atone for our sins and gave us new clothes appropriate for the wedding.

At the time of the old covenant God gave this wedding invitation with the law. The law was intended for the children of Israel. But because many of the nation of Israel that violate the law, then the party invitations are now applies to all nations who believe in the salvation of the Lord Jesus. We obtain grace because we can go and enjoy the food kingdom of heaven. The time is near. Date and time stated in the invitation that was close. Is there any among us who throw away the invitation? Or is there among us who have not had a new dress and decent to attend the big party?

Always remember that "For many are called, but few are chosen.(Matthew 22:14)" Of course we are chosen by God will truly keep the party invitations and party clothes are not wasted. God Bless You

Jesus Christ is our God

source: Jesus save my life