The "Windows Evolution" - how Windows evolved from Aloe Vera

Feb 12, 2007
The "Windows Evolution" - how Windows evolved from Aloe Vera

The "Windows Evolution" - how Windows evolved from Aloe Vera

The "Windows Evolution" is scientist Mr Bubusoo's exciting new book on, as its name suggests, the evolution of MS Windows.
But, in the context of this book, evolution does not have the ordinary sense of the word, it is meant to be the evolution as described by Mr Darwin - which is a kind of magic that changes you from one thing to another, in order to solve your survival problems, whatever they may be, but you have to wait 1 or 2 million years for it, if you are still around. Though, up till now, we're still left wondering why we have to become fond of playing poker, have to be able to appreciate music, read poetry, run much slower than animals -- in order to survive ? :confused:

Anyway, the author has come up with new evidences (including fossils) to show that MS Windows was not programmed or designed by anybody, but rather it was evolved , just as fishes had evolved into apes (at least that's what Mr Darwin had believed). Mr Bubusoo also argued that there is no such thing as programmer and it is merely delusion.
Mr Bubusoo has successfully tracked down Windows' whole evolution path - Vista was evolved out of Windows XP, XP out of Windows 2000, Windows 2000 out of Windows 98, and so on, until it came to the first version.

But you may wonder how did the first version of Windows come about ?
The author has again successfully answered this question by proving that it evolved out of some extremely ancient, primitive firmwares, so ancient and primitive that it is quicker to count your fingers than to wait for answers from them. Those firmwares were evolved from some hardwares. Ultimately, all these things have as their common ancestor, strangely, Aloe Vera - believe it or not.
But how could have Aloe Vera evolved into MS Windows, which are totally different things ?

Well, Mr Bubusoo gave this answer - "by the need of survival... if a fish could turn into an ape, why couldn't Aloe Vera turn into MS Windows ?". :confused:

Since nobody programmed MS Windows, Mr Bubusoo reasoned, we shouldn't be charged to use Windows.

"If evolution really worked, pedestrians would have wings."