THE Word - Bible Software

THE Word - Bible Software

THE WORD 3.0 (Beta)

Hello everyone!

Have a look at this brand new software. In fact it is a beta version of a Bible Software that I tested many times. My opinion: It's the most userfriendly Bible Software I've ever seen. It just works very smoothly. I installed the software on my 1GB USB-Stick which means I can read and study my bible and take notes whereever I want, whenever I have time! I'll let you find out the functions by your own. You'll see that's its' very easy. This screen shot is just a little foretaste. You can download the Beta since the functions that are not 100% working are blocked. I never had a problem with it.

Install it and use it. It's for FREE! The person who does the programming is spending hours and hours on the software so consider maybe a donation. Otherwise copy it as many times as you want and pass it on to your friends around you. Since I know the Software pretty well you can ask me questions if you need help. There's also an online guide how to get started with the software. Otherwise just check out the Forum on the Website when you think you have a question that is of general interest.

In the beginning was "The Word".

God bless you all with it,

A BIG fan of the software!
There's another great free bible software called e-Sword and now they have a version for pdas.

e-Sword website



By the way, 'The Word' was trying to access the internet and this was detected by my firewall. Im not sure as to why?
Addition to The Word

Hello Jeff,

yes, I've known e-Sword for quite a while. (I'm using Pocket e-Sword on my PDA too. Runs nicely.) It's a nice software with which you get around pretty well. I used it quite a lot. Unfortunately I lost my commentaries twice due to software bugs which was not too bad since I was just beginning to write comments in e-Sword. I recently installed it on my USB-Stick and it didn't work on different computers too.

"The Word" never had bugs like that. The new TW 3.0 Beta neither. Until now I never had problems when it was installed on my USB-Stick.

"The Word" is very complex, and I believe too complex right now. I've been talking to the programmer about it, and he agrees and will make sure the final version is easier for people who are not used to PCs, but will nevertheless provide all tools and functions for those who need more. Once you start discovering all the functions, you'll love the software. Notice for example the right-click on the bible tree. It's a little but sweet detail! I'm using it all the time! Don't forget, it's a beta. It doesn't mean that it's unstable, but it means that the final is going to be even more powerful. I heard that for example an interactive map-editor will be available. :exclamation:

I heard of your trouble before. On you'll find an advice, that firewalls might think that "The Word" is or has a spyware/adware. That's a known bug. Just report it in the forum.
Right now you have to live with the annoying message. :blush02:

I hope it was an help. I try to support "The Word" by reporting software bugs. Projects like "The Word" Lives from people who co-operate and support the programmer.

Was that helpful?? :questionmark:
Have a blessed day!
The Word updater

Hi again Jeff,

I just talked to the programmer via chat about the fact that the software connects to the internet. The answer is very easy. It's not the adware/spyware problem. It's just the fact that since this installer you have might be not the newest version. -> So "The Word" automatically checks for a newer version. That's all! :cool02:

About Adware/Spyware: The word has been certified by Softpedia as being clean. :exclamation: :cool02:

Find more about both topics in the forum.
I hope that was an help,
THE Word - Bible Software

Thanks cbubenzer for the efforts. :) The fact that it even runs on a USB stick makes it even better. :smile_anim:
Public Domain Greek New Testament

The software does refer 'Public Domain Greek New Testament', KJV and 'Literal translation of the Old(1890) and New Testament(1884) by John Nelson Darby'.


The Word

The programmer is from Greece, but he's not a member of the orthodox church. In fact he's a simple Christian that wants to serve the Lord in all simplicity.
I downloaded this software being very skeptical. Dang!! This is very nice. It is worth hundreds of dollars retail.

The font options, layout, navigation are all excellent. It's easy to learn and use, and it gets better as one goes with it.

The text called Greek is a unique system of tagging to compare Stephenus, Scrivener, Von Soden, and the UBS's CT. The software upholds current scholarship that Von Soden and the UBS actually represent essentially a Byzantine and Alexandrine parent for text families, which is a delusion not supported by evidence, but the current status the academic geniuses pat themselves on the back about. But then, having such a format available is necessary for confronting popular delusion. Why this Greek text and the LXX don't have accents or punctuation is beyond me. ????

The parallel viewing is easy and nice. However, I most prefer to parallel view Scrivener to Nestle-Aland, which this sytem does not do. I can do it with Libronix, which costs $600 the last time I looked, but it is not an easy set up, and the software is klunky overall -- not for whimpy computers.

My Valuesoft Deluxe Bible Collection is nicer in that I can click on most words and go immediately to a variety of dictionaries and commentaries. It does not have nice Greek or Hebrew fonts. It has a nice parallel view, but not quite as easy as The Word.

The Word has no dictionaires or other helps. It has no morphology, and nothing interlinear. There is no Hebrew. But it has a great collection of Bibles in many languages, including a good assortment of English versions, and it is very nice to use.

I custom downloaded version 2.0. After I get another computer set up in the library, I may well try version 3.0 to see what is coming. I never tried E-Sword, but maybe, I'll go there next.

M Paul
DOWNLOAD TW 3.0 (...not TW 2.0)!!!!!!!!

Hi M Paul,

you said:
I custom downloaded version 2.0. After I get another computer set up in the library, I may well try version 3.0 to see what is coming. I never tried E-Sword, but maybe, I'll go there next.

I really recommend the version 3.0. It's very stable. The reason that it's a Beta Version is because some parts are remainings of TW 2.0. TW3.0 IS MUCH BETTER THAN TW 2.0 - you'll love it.

For those who have Chinese or Arabic friends: There are different Bibles being supported now. :groupray: :groupray:

In Him who set us free,