The Word Of A King # 2


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The Word Of A King # 2

The Word of a King

"Where the word of a king is, there is power"

(Eccles. 8:4)

God alone is rightfully sovereign without limit. He is King in the most absolute sense; and so it should be; for He is supremely good, wise, just, holy, etc.

As He is Maker of all, dominion over His creatures is a matter of natural right. He has infinite power wherewith to carry out His royal will. Even in His least word there is Omipotence.

Let us consider this,---

I. To Excite Our Awe.

Let us carefully think of------

1. His creating word, by which all things arose out of nothing.

2. His preserving word, by which all things abide.

3. His destroying word, by which He will shake earth and heaven.

Who can stand before any of these without trembling adoration? Power attends them to the fullest degree, for each one is the word of a King.

II. To Ensure Our Obedience.

1. Each precept is to be obeyed at once, heartily, to the full, by every one, since the King commands.

2. His service must not be shunned, for that were to rebel against our Sovereign. Jonah did not find this successful: for the Lord will not be trifled with, and will make runaways know that His arm is long.

3. Disobedience is to be repented of. If we have fallen into sin, let the King's word have a gracious power to subdue us to hearty grief.

III. To Inspire Our Confidence.

1. That He is able to give to the penitent, pardon; for he has promised in His Word to do so.

2. That he will give to the believing, power to renew their lives. "He sent His word, and healed them," is true, spiritually.

3. That He will give to the tempted, power to overcome temptation. God ensures the believer's victory over every assault of Satan through the word. This weapon Jesus used in the wilderness. (Luke 4: 1-13)

4. That He will give to the suffering, power to endure with patience, and to gather profit from the trial.

5. That He will give to the dying, hope, peace, beautific vision, etc. One word from the Lord of life robs death of its sting.

IV. To Direct Our Christian Effort.

1. We must look nowhere else for power. Education, oratory, music, wealth, ceremonialism, are weakness itself, if depended on.

2. We must rely upon the word of our King as the instrument of power whenever we seek to do works in His name. Preach it: for nothing else will break hard hearts, comfort the despairing, beget faith, or produce holiness. Plead it in prayer: for the Lord will surely keep His own promises, and put forth His power to make them good. Practice it: for none can gainsay a life which is ordered according to the precepts of the Lord. An obedient life is full of a power before which men and devils do homage.

Read much the royal WORD!!

* Speak more than ever the King's word, which is the gospel of peace.

* Believe in the Word of King Jesus, and be bold to defend it.

* Bow before it, and be patient and happy.

God bless,