There should be more athletes like this

There should be more athletes like this

I have never seen this side of an NFL player ever.

Shows that not all of them are just about the money.
Yeah, LT is the emotional type. There sure are alot of umm.. schmucks in the NFL that make the selfless guys like himself and Shaun Alexander look quite special. I never quite knew LT was this deep, but I'm glad I do now, because my respect for him has grown. I've watched him so much over the years and all I really see is the agressive side, pounding through the tackles, embarassing DBs. Nice to see this side of him.
Oh and lucky for him and his Chargers I've picked San Diego to win it all this year over the Saints so I can't wait to see him finally get that bling!!
Crazy story about LT. The high school I went to is cross town rivals w/ his high school. We're both in the same grad class. My senior year our team had it's best year to date, and mopped the floor with him. Then a year later I heard he went to TCU. Now TCU is no Texas, or Oklahoma football wise, but they have a legit program that is just below the elites in the country. Of course the rest is history, he blew up at TCU, and now of course playing in the NFL. So now, I always get a kick out telling my co-workers we beat them when I was in school.