There was a man...

Aug 19, 2014
There was a man, an older man, who came to our church,
he knew the bible well, very well, and prayed long and often,
but when he thought he had a word for the preacher and the preacher said he would not tell the church that word, that man went away. He loved the word no doubt but I doubt he understood
to love the people of the word.
There was another man, his works put me to shame, many years ago he was a pastor, he came and did communion and held prayer at his home, he helped handicap children,
but he too knew no love for the congregation to continue in fellowship.
Another man believed in prophecy and end times and he was being called to a ministry
so he too left the congregation,
still another went to the phillipines as a missionary despite his wife and we never heard of him again,
another was convicted of his sin and came less and less.
You cannot steal and lie and fornicate without repentance otherwise your heart will grow cold and hard and you will fall away.
If you love the Lord do not think that speaking in tongues, prophecy, a word you heard, or the mission field, your opinion, a qualification, or having done great things
can in ANY WAY replace the love for God's people in his house.
If you cannot love the people you go to church with,
if you imagine you can be a Christian at home by yourself by being nice,
you are dead wrong,
and you will be dead wrong,
and despite everything you hear about grace, you will be in for a shock when
you knock at the door and no one lets you in.

They will know you are a Christian by your love, not your love for the world,
not your acceptance of the world,
but your Love inside the Church for the people God has chosen, in all their weakness and sins.
When you get to heaven no one speaks in tongues,
no one will prophesy,
no one will need healing,
fellowship is all there is, and if you cannot love here how will find acceptance there?
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are for now and your encouragement,
but your responsibility is the FRUIT: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self control, giving, sharing, caring.
If ALL you do on Sunday is sing a few songs then rush off, avoiding all those smelly
sinners someone let in the front door who aren't middle class with good jobs and educations,
you may as well take drugs and do all the things you despise because what are you doing?
entertaining yourself? entertaining God? making Jesus feel happy.
U are brain dead.
Why did you even get baptised?
So repent,
and Love, love is a doing word, turn your eyes away from the pretty people, especially the really pretty ones [i'm talking about lust]
put your hand in your wallet,
meet a fellow Christian for a cuppa coffee on your time.
look around the congregation with a warm heart and eyes of love and compassion,
they are your family.....forever.