They Killed Our Boys

By Joseph Korson

Twitter was how I heard the news that the bodies of the three kidnapped boys were found bound and mutilated outside of Hebron. My soul screamed in agony the moment I understood what I was reading. I felt an overwhelming sense of loss and sorrow. I knew in that moment the whole nation of Israel felt the same as I did and I wept.

Images of the family standing before the world believing their sons would be found alive swept before my weeping eyes. I tried to imagine the desperate loss they must be feeling right now. No matter how much I empathized with their pain I knew I could never feel what they are feeling right now. I look upon my two beautiful girls and couldn’t even think about a world without their light in it. The thought of it was too unbearable.

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Horrible. :( One of the young men at autopsy was found to have been burned alive.
One of these boys was an American. 16 years old. Their poor families.

God be with them.