they tried to confuse me


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they tried to confuse me

a couple of years ago i was being talked to by satan,s spy on people etc as if it was from God.they had dog codenames and packed diffrent fishes into boxes.diffrent names for diffrent people.thw world god is trying to divide aware.people think i,m mad but i am truthful as to what happened.


I really hope you understand what I'm about to say I say out of love.

I think you spend too much time talking about a spirit being who in the end is nothing.

I challenge you for the next full week to not mention him or any of his followers, but instead talk about God.

Share with us what God has done for you.

Share your love and gratitude for Christ Jesus.

Share your favorite Scripture and how it makes you feel when you think about what it means for you.

Share about the first time you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit working in you.

I want to hear what you have to say.

God bless,



I agree with Ginger. My brother has that problem.

BUT, I do sense that - judging by what he says about these things, that he's seeign them BY focusing on God...