This is God

I would like to start off by saying I see God as Moses did. Please give me an opportunity to explain before questioning my sanity and kicking me to the curb.
Moses from the crevasse he saw God’s hinder parts which was the trail of His glory
I too do not see God coming but when I look at His creation I see where He has been and it is spectacular and when I look back at my life I see His hand in every bit of it.
Here is one of those instances … when in the middle of it It was just the motion of life . But when I look back


I am the product of a miracle and God had my attention. God dropped creation on my plate when I lived on disability years ago. It answered a question I had for God "What about the Dinosaurs" I could not get enough I consumed everything I could find on the subject. I read origin of species (Darwin) to understand the origin of the opposition. My brother ask why I needed proof of God. I didn't but I could not get enough.

Years later I had gone back to work, I went to school while working for this company. I changed jobs and worked security still in the company. I worked side by side with a man named Dennis.

The first day we met he said to me I heard what you said about a personal relationship with God. I said that sounds like something I would say. He said mine is none of your @#$%* business.

I thought my name changed to Daniel.

He was a bigger guy than I am and he made it evident he did not care for me.

Dennis and I did not talk much the atmosphere was a bit hostel. He began to say things disclaiming the existence of God. The jabs were at creation. I had answers.

It turned in to questions to challenge creation I never gave more than he asked. The questions continued for a few months.

Dennis came to work a bit late one day and I had stepped out and left my Bible open on the desk where we both sat. I came in and he was standing over it when I walked in he stated he was offended. I told him maybe he needed to be offended picked up my Bible and put it up.
Talk about tense, I could hear myself breathing, nothing was said for ten minutes
Then he started to laugh saying maybe I need to be offended. This was the beginning of a friendship that continues to this day. So do the questions.


I praised God and cried tears of joy when he said he went back to the Church he grew up in


Dennis comes by the house. We meet for breakfast, take the dogs to the park. Our dogs are brothers, He gave me my dog.

Who would have thunk it!

Praise the Lord!
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Awesome testimony my friend! I'm guessing that you found your answer to why you needed to know, and consume everything you could.....You wonderful relationship with God and Dennis!
Many blessings and peace be unto you!
Thank You for sharing this with us. You just never know why God sends you down a path but it is always for a purpose...His purpose.....Thank You Brother for walking in Love as you did.
Have a wonderful week