This prayer need urgently

This prayer need urgently

This is not for me but for a friend please pray..... love Jane

My fiance was brutally raped and severely beaten for many days (not too long ago) after having been locked in a house. My girl almost died from this. She was knocked unconscious repeatedly and may have damage to her brain or vessels in her head and eyes. She's having balance problems, severe headaches, seeing spots and walking into walls and other things.

This dear soul really needs fervent prayers for healing, restoration and that she would break down and turn everything over to the Lord God Almighty.

My fiancee is getting bad advice from so-called 'friends' and someone who has NO counseling skills and is very young, inexperienced (immature) and has no degrees or experience in counseling. He's on a power trip and saying/doing things that are making matters worse for her, for our relationship and preventing her from getting professional, Christian counseling and is clouding her mind with garbage.

I sense this person (her roommate's boyfriend) is on a power trip and is trying to play God. He claims that he IS her 'therapist' -- and he tells her that he has visions that he will be the one to 'heal' her. It is nonsense and I pray for conviction by the Holy Spirit of this person who is doing wrong and preventing my fiance from healing.

Pray that my fiance would lay it at the throne of grace -- and turn her entire life, heart, mind and soul over to the Lord God.

She was raised in a pagan/wiccan home - but told me that she asked Jesus into her heart at a young age. They had no Bible there, so my fiancee has never gotten to know Jesus or grow in a personal relationship with Him. She resists anything much to do with God or Jesus, or the Bible. I have kindly tried to tell her about my love, respect and commitment to Jesus Christ and all that He has done for me and my family, and that He IS no respecter of persons and will do the same for her. She is afraid of churches and 'religion' as she puts it. She had a very traumatic experience in a church when she was about 8 years old.

I pray she the hardness of her heart will be softened in Jesus name and call out to Him and ask Jesus to do the healing of heart and mind & of all the things she went through.

I pray the bad influences and so-called 'friends' would just be quiet and stop interfering in her situation and trying to come between our relationship.

It's gonna take Jesus Christ to intervene and make this all turn around for His honor and glory. I know that HE alone can do it -- but we need to join together in fervent prayer for my fiance.

This poor, dear, sweet soul is so confused, hurting and having daily, and nightly intense nightmares. I was told by her roommate that she awakened in a bad nightmare, unaware of what she was doing or saying -- she took a coat hanger and tried to slit her wrists to make "The horrible monster" go away for good. (Her rapist)

I am physically and mentally exhausted. My fiance is more than 1500 miles away and I cant be there with her, for many reasons. She will need many surgeries internally and externally. She was a model and this is devastating to her. She keeps seeing herself even -- as "A monster" and she covers all the mirrors in the house, not wanting to see herself -- because the cruel, heartless scumbag who did this to her scarred much of her body with a knife and other weapons and cut her face too. She will need plastic surgery and other internal surgeries too.

I am asking --- Will you join with me in prayer for God's divine intervention in every situation that I listed here and other things that are just too horrible to write here. You really wouldn't even want to know. It IS that bad. She almost bled to death and may have permanent damage to her brain from being knocked unconscious many times. I pray that God will heal her internally as well, so we can marry and be blessed with healthy children and no complications with pregnancy or carrying a baby full term.

Pray that our relationship will survive all of these things and that we will continue to grow together. I pray she will desire to seek God in Heaven and give up the ideas that it is okay to practice paganism/wiccan lifestyle and that she would remember why she asked Jesus into her heart as a little girl.

Please -- pray that the ungodly souls and those with selfish intentions and others giving poor advice will be removed from my sweet fiance's life soon!

There is nothing that I can do being 1500 miles away and unable to go to be with her, or I would gladly do it. BUT... God CAN do it all. I give it to Him. It is in HIS loving hands.

Fervent, daily prayer is needed. I don't want the enemy to win, and I pray that the love of my life doesn't hurt herself and doesn't try to commit suicide from the mental, physical and traumatic pain she deals with every minute of the day.

Will you all pray with me and share this prayer request. I love her with all my heart, I'm committed to her and I still want so much to be with her, marry her and take this situation and be able to serve the Lord together and share God's healing upon my fiance and to help others who have gone through similar situations.l

I thank you for lifting this up in prayer.

God bless.


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Dear Jane, this is for you friend:

Dear Brother, i cannot imagine what you or your fiance are going through, and have already gone through. It is saddening to hear of the evils done under the sun. You are both in my prayers. I pray you have the strength to help you, and that God draws you close to him during this very personal tradegy. May God wrap His Loving Arms around you tight.

As to her 'therapist' and his 'visions'...

The Bible tells us not to stand in the council of the ungodly [Psalm 1:1] nor with one who is puffed up with visons [Colossians 2:18]

And your fiance,

May she come to Christ, and a saving knowledge of Him, however, until then, the Bible says you [II Cor 6:14] should not marry an unbeliever. Believers are not to be unequally yoked. You both need godly council right now and to be covered in prayer. Seek the Lord Jesus for wisdom and insight [James 1:5]. You are in the danger of marrying a non-believer, this is entirely different form a situation where two married people are unbelievers, then one day one comes to know the Lord, tries to win the other to Christ. Your situation would be plunging ahead against the council of God...who knows, it may be the Will of God that she comes to know Him one day, and it may be the Will of God that you two get married at that point- but not right now, not unless she comes to a saving knowledge of Christ, confesses Christ as Her Lord and is born again, brother. She needs God's help, [Isaiah 42:7] and i believe God has put you in her life for a reason, [Romans 10:15, Romans 12:15, Hebrews 13:3] so, minister to her, always seeking God's power to do so by His Spirit [Zech 4:6]. Preach the gospel to her, point her to the Only Healer of her wounds; the Lord Jesus Christ, you are in my prayers. Wait upon the Lord, do not rush ahead where God would not have you go, at least not yet. Seek His Will, read His Word and pray for guidance, He said He would not leave His Children as orphans, and He hears the prayer of His beloved in Christ. May God bless you and bring healing to you both, and justice to the perpetrator of this heinous crime. God is angry with the wicked every day, but shows mercy to those who fear Him. He does not forget about the criminal who did this, He knows right where he is, unless God changes him, it will be a very terrifying thing for him when he realizes he is in the hands of an Almighty Angry God. May God have mercy on you all, in Jesus' Name i pray.

google: 'gospel of John' youtube, your fiance may benefit from that

My heart goes out to you brother
Joining in prayer also and I pray she is taken to a real Hospital and receives professional care for the life threatening Injuries inflicted :smiley170: and this roommate stops playing God , at the expense of another human life