Three Tera bites on a cd

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We were talking about this in one of my computer classes last week. It's so exciting, I can't wait to get one. I don't think I'll be able to fill up though lol I just want to have one so I can say I do.
That is awesome. But try writing three terabytes to a disk using a 40x burner.

3,000,000,000 kilobytes

at 6000kb/s or 750 kilobytes per second

equals 1,111 hours pro disc of pure burning fun.
How come I always look at these kinds of things and think the worst things imagineable???:(

Instead of seeing a dazzling new twist on an old technology, I hear a thunderous voice in my ear:

There will be a great increase in knowledge, Whirlwind!:eek:


I like technology. I figure it is part of God's plan for us to get more head knowledge ( but perhaps not wiser :p) and I like electronics. It is kind of a hobby.
Me too!:D:D

I sometimes go to yard sales in the summer to buy things to take apart. I have sandwich baggies in a big box where I throw the things I took apart. Later on, I try soldering them together to make new things.

But still...that voice...:(


I took electronics at night several years ago but I was working 65 plus hours a week and did not have much time to fool with it. I do still like to play around with it.:)
Three Tera bites on a cd

Hold your horses,stop the press!...............................OK read the article,WOW!.Imagine these guys in a garage somewhere,putting everything they got into developing a cd with storage,say 300gb,working at it 3-4yearts,going blow the industry wide open,and had plans of introducing it next week.Then they here the news about a cd that holds about 3000gb.Well back to the drawing board...............................
Thanks for shareing that.

Does any body remember 4track tapes,looked like 8tracks,but with about 2-3 inch dia.wheel that shot up in there to turn the tape,w/2 channels.Then the 8tracks w/4 channels---Cassets---CD's---DVD's---3tb disc's whew! Lord's got somethig big planed if He's letting us make 3tb disc's. :read:
My nephew kneeled down at my stereo a while back and pulled a vinyl LP out of a box and said: "What's this!?"


I told him it was the latest held 2 yotabytes of information, and it could even be read if it had fingerprints on it.