Time For Change- Part 1

EXAMINE - what the passage says before you decide what it means.

* Highlight the word "First" in v. 8. In the margin write "above all".

* Box "because" indicating reason in v. 8.

* Circle "all over the world" to note hyperbole in v. 9. * Box "so that" indicating purpose in v. 11.

* Underline the phrase "some spiritual gift" in v. 11. * Circle "mutually encouraged" in v. 12.

* Underline "have been prevented" in v. 13. In the margin write "See Ro 15:20-24".

* Box "in order that" indicating desired result in v. 13.

* Highlight each occurrence of the word "I" along with the verb that follows.

* Double underline the phrase "preach the gospel" in v. 15.

1. What does Paul say about the faith of the Roman believers? Is it meant to be positive or negative? Explain.

2. What character/personality traits of Paul do you see in these passages?

3. Reread vv. 9-10. Do Paul's words express affection, concern or both? Explain.

EMBRACE - how God spoke to you through his word
Pick a verse or verses from the passage to memorize or think about this week. Practice SOAP, REAP or LECTIO DIVINIA METHODS ON THOSE VERSES.
Paul speaks in a very positive nature regarding the Church at Rome's faith. Truth be known, their faith, while alive and growing, was likely in need of an apostolic "booster" shot.
Paul's emotive expression in his prayers
for/on behalf of the Roman believers possibly communicates some depth of "concern" as well as sincere affection.
"The rhetorical force of words like "ceaselessly," to which is redundantly added the words "always," [lit.] "begging,"
["I pray" - NIV] and "at last" conveys how very deeply concerned Paul is about the Roman Christians and how very badly he wants to visit them" So such attributes as Consistent, Caring and committed are character traits of Paul in these verses.
Paul's word express both concern: Paul was concerned whether their faith would be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the Culture around them and living the Christian Faith. And secondly Paul had a very strong affection for the people whom he had introduced to Christ.