Time For Change - Part 2

* Box "therefore" indicating result in v. 1.
* Circle "urge" in v. 1.
* Circle "mercy" in v. 1.
* Underline the verbs "offer," "do not conform," and
"be transformed" in vv. 1, 2.
* Bracket "living sacrifices" in v. 1.
* Bracket "spiritual act of worship" in v. 1.
* Circle "world" in v. 2.
* Box "but" indicating contrast in v. 2.
* Bracket "renewing of your mind" in v. 2.
* Bracket "test and approve" in v. 2.

1.Paul says, "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world." What do you think he has in mind?

2. Explain what Paul means by "God's mercy" and what it has to do with what he is urging his readers to do.
3. Romans 6:13 clarifies the meaning of "bodies" in verse 1. How so?
Explain the contrast in verse 2.

Journal your thoughts on the passage: Romans 12:1-2
–Write about what God wants you to know . . .
–Write about how God wants you to feel . . .
–Write about what God wants you to do.
Practice- SOAP, REAP OR Lectio Divina methods on Romans 12:1-2