Tip When Starting A New Job

Let everyone know that you are a Christian asap :).


1. Less immoral conversations to endure.
2. The glory for any good work goes immediately to God.
3. God-haters revealed before they stab you in the back.
4. Fellow Christians immediately approach. No working with assumptions. Maybe person X and Y are Christians.
5. Because of 4 you can immediately identify fellow brethren in need of help or to learn from and form a prayer group with.
6. Let's you feel at home quickly (enemy of the world).
7. Others around you (carnal or Christian) remind you to carry your cross.

What are your thoughts?

I just hate the feeling that we have to wait for that moment to say we are a Christian. 'I have to stop this conversation because I am a Christian'. The worldly know we are a Christian. That’s why they are spewing their filth in our presence. The longer we take to make the stand, the worse it is for us. We do not want to be luke-warm or sin accommodating Christians. We stand pure and have extreme love for those that hate us.

Lets get ready to turn the left cheek from day 1. They will hate us and call us self righteous. But when they are in need, they will know who to come to. Because we bring righteousness with genuine love.
I use to judge my jobs this way. If i jumped out of the bed each morning ready to go to work it meant for me I loved my job, if i crawled out of the bed each morning not ready to go to work i hated my job. Each working day should be the same, each day jump out of that bed ready for work because you are working for something more bigger than yourself.
Just to clarify the first line of my OP. Asap = As soon as is sanely / feasibly possible. But sooner rather then later.
"The spirit is willing...
:) Amen. Thats why we need to help the flesh. The sooner we make a stand the sooner we are challenged to carry our cross properly.

Example: When the unsaved see us drinking beer and judge us according to what we preach / 'Christian' rules. We are challenged on the spot to judge ourselves. We can thank them for the opportunity. The door is also opened to explain that 1 drink is fine as God made wine, but that He is concerned for us being addicted and crashing our car, ie he doesnt want to see us get hurt, ie God is so good :). Wheras if they only ''assumed'' I was saved.....nothing would be said....I would also feel an increasing bondage to continue drinking as it would get harder to suddenely stop from the pressure to either fit in or stop and tell everyone I am a 'drunk' Christian.