Tips For Spices


Tips For Spices

Here are some easy tips to incorporate more of these 'super spices' into your diet.
-- Perk up your morning coffee by sprinkling ½ teaspoon of cinnamon over ground coffee before brewing.
-- Tomato soup need not be dull - give this staple new life with a dash of yellow curry powder.
-- Brew a pot of fresh ginger tea – or add ground ginger to Lemonade during the summer months for a refreshing drink.
-- For a twist on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich, prepare it with sliced mozzarella cheese, tomato and oregano leaves.
-- Stir crushed rosemary leaves, garlic and black pepper into mashed potatoes.
-- Add a dash of paprika to store-bought or homemade hummus or guacamole. Or if you're looking for more kick, stir in some crushed red pepper.
-- Want the benefits of chili peppers, but find they're just too hot for your taste? Look for body crèmes formulated with, yes, red peppers. (Capsaicin is also thought to help reduce arthritis.)
Both fresh and dried herbs have healthy perks. For dried herbs and spices, however, keep in mind they lose their potency over time (most experts give them a year or two). Store dried herbs and spices in tightly sealed containers away from heat and humidity. And if they're in glass jars, store them in a dark cabinet or pantry because light can cause them to lose their potency.