To All Newbies Here

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To All Newbies Here

Welcome to Christian Forum Site!

This is to all the newbies (new members) who have joined the neighborhood. Welcome!

God bless you all, I hope you enjoy your time here. :)




No way, my computer blue-screened after all that. Seams Satan doesn't want me to post this... Well, let's try again...

Welcome everyone. I want you all to be at least as blessed by this ministry as I've been.

Here are some threads you should check out in your time here. I hope you guys stay here and really get/remain passionate in seeking the Lord.

Great guidance for the young and old in Christ, from our much loved Bondman -

Daily devotion from faithful brother Boan -

Deep, practical truth -

Music -

Cool audio bible I love to use when I'm too tired to read, or just want to do other things while I take in the word -

Hey if the enemy didn't want me to post this, you know that means it's good stuff, lol.

May God bless you all, keep your souls, give you life in great abundance, and let His grace abound to you.

Your brother in Christ,

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