To fat for jail 2

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im sorry there is such a thing as a DIET just because she is obese doesnt mean she should get away with murder
Nowadays, the law is going to towards principles that give criminals, felons, and murderers more rights than us.

Minorities, non-Christians, the disabled, homosexuals, the obese, are all being given special rights, because the Government feels the need to tend to them, and use Affirmative Action. They try to cure discrimination, with even more discrimination.

There will come the day when certain Bible verses will be banned from being read publicly. And then entire Bibles will be banned. And soon enough, Christians and believers will be treated as the muck of the earth, even more so than we are now.

Remember what Jesus Christ said about the End Times. We must watch. We must always be vigilant, and must always keep watch for the signs.