To teach or be taught?

To teach or be taught?

In college, we find that our time gets limited every now and then. What with classes, homework, jobs, family, ect. If you're a church-goer, you may be involved in helping with the little kids or some other ministry. I know that I have a busy life. I work three days a week, go to church for two, and go to school on five. Finding time to hang out at school (especially if you are an off-campus student like myself) is hard.

Recently, I have taken some time to go to a campus ministry for students at my school. It is like a youth group for college students. It is a blessing and very relaxing to be with a group of people my age worshipping God through singing and reading the Bible. I'm normally in Sunday school setting (which is not bad by any means, but it's also much more structured (at my church anyway)), or I'm leading the Spark kids in AWANA. The Spark kids are K-2 grade. It's definitely a learning experience, but I also enjoy being with people my own age to learn about God.

Sometimes in our walk with Christ, we have to be the teacher, and sometimes we have to be the taught. I think it's important to have a group that you're part of where you can be the student. Even preachers go to revival and conferences. As important as it is to serve God through offering your services and abilities and gifts in a ministry where you are the teacher or the leader of a group, we should never neglect to also learn from someone else. Not only do we learn about God, but we can meet new people - brothers and sisters in Christ or potential brothers and sisters.

So during your busy life as a college student or any other time in life, don't forget that you also have something more to learn. Find that Bible study group of people your age, and go worship and praise God!

In Christ,

Yep it's gr8 being a part of a youth group. You get to share ideas and learn from each others' experiences.

Proverbs 27:17, “People learn from one another, just as iron sharpens iron.â€

- thanks be to God -
I think that it is awesome the you can find other christians who are willing to serve the lord among there peers. I wish I had what you have... you really dont know how blessed you really are. There are some youth at my church but none that I really "click" with. I am friendly with some but I wish I could just find one good friend that I could talk to and with and praise the lord with.

Thank God for what you have learn from each other.
There is little more satisfying then pouring into a young heart but it is important to remember we need to be filled first before we can pout out :D
always check your reasons for doing something.sometimes you can do wrong thinking your doing right.