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Hey everyone!
What are your plans for today?!

I'm planning to study. I'm in ASL (American Sign Language) and I need to interpret for this final project! Very nerve-wrecking, but I know that God will definitely help me through with it :) :)
Sign language? Awesome! I've taught myself a few signs. I will pray for you. I think sign language is beautiful. I just wish no one ever had to use it.
Yup, I grew up with sign language. I didn't learn how to speak until four, and there were many things that aggravated me while little. Because I knew what I wanted to say but just couldn't. So my preschool introduced me to sign language. So when I can't communicate with someone, I used sign language. But no, I'm not deaf. The doctors actually thought I would have to use a computer to communicate with people because they thought I'd never learn to speak. God proved them wrong :) :)

So I know a lot of sign language. I enjoy doing it.
Ok "today" as in "tomorrow" for you :smiley10:, ive got to practice for both the sunday morning services. Me and my bro are on (drums and guitars)..The rest is usual, go for a run etc etc..
Today I am spending time with family and friends, eating lots of food, watching football, and oh yea, did I mention . . . Eating lots of food. :smiley10:

May you all have a day that is blessed beyond measure.
Here in Australia its just another day...No thanksgiving here...I am off to the hospital with my husband who is going for test on his heart..... I hope your study go well xspinningisfun and you all of you have a wonderful thanksgiving Jane
While it is Thanksgiving Day here in the USA, everyday should be thanksgiving day because we as a people, especially children of God have so much to give thanks for in our lives.

Just resting and preparing or work week starting tomorrow.

Blessings to all!
Today, I'm doing classes! How lovely. But this class is my last class for today :D :D :D
And then tomorrow, my friend and I are going to this Haiti thing at my college. It's from 7pm - 7am! Hopefully there will be things to do :D
And people have donated 26 dollars so far to Haiti.