Tomorrow is Ascension Thursday

Tomorrow is Ascension Thursday and I am filled with expectation and excitement. For the first time I will be attending the evening service at my new church that honors this day. It took a long time for me to move my worship from the privacy of my home to an actual church, and it took me two years to find a church where I felt I was in the right place for me. I have no idea what to expect, but this feeling of hopeful renewal via the Holy Spirit is making me almost giddy. I've never been to an Ascension service before, in fact the past several months have marked many church-related firsts for me in my walk with the Lord. I am basically naive about many things that more mature Christians take in their stride, so I tend to get as bubbly as a three year old when I get to experience something new. My uncle-in-law is an Anglican priest on the west coast and we are daily pen pals. He has been a wonderful mentor to me with my endless questions - his loving patience has been such a blessing. He told me that at the time of the actual Ascension, almost 3000 people became believers, and that in a sense this event is sometimes loosely regarded as the birth of the church. I don't know what to expect, but I am ready to open myself to be filled with the Holy Spirit on this special day. I can barely contain my enthusiasm.

I am going into this without any specific expectations, but my underlying feeling is that something very special is about to happen. I am SO excited, but then again at heart I am such a child about these things. I feel like I am being given a huge box wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbons, a gift just for me, and tomorrow I get to open it and find what wonderful spiritual treasure is hidden within. The fact that I get to attend services on a weekday night in itself represents a huge treat for me, so that alone has me buzzing with joy.

Have any of you ever experienced a special spiritual renewal or awakening on this day? I would love it if you could share your experiences with me. I also welcome any comments you may have about Ascension Day in general. Thank you for your anticipated responses.

May the blessings be!