Topics Which May Not Be Discussed at CFS

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We at CFS would like to bring to your attention certain topics, when discussed or debated in the forum, tend to cause division and strife and quickly turn into heated discussions which simply can not be permitted here at CFS.

We work hard to assure that CFS will always be a safe and friendly forum where members can learn and grow in the ways of God.

CFS is in No Way claiming that these following topics are not an important part of the Written Word of God however these topics do far to many times bring forth behavior that we can not allow and thus bringing forth disciplinary actions such as points and or bans of some type.

So Please Read through the list of topics and familiarize yourself with them and let's all work together to Keep CFS a safe and friendly Christian Forum.

Thank You and may God Bless your time here at CFS.

**Note: A new Member may ask a topical question for clarity from the list below, but the answer may not become debate.

If a Member wishes to see which topical discussions have appeared, please use the Search function.

Other than the limitations in the note ** above, the topics which may not be initiated, discussed or debated at CFS are:

(1) Once Saved, Always Saved (OSAS)

(2) Speaking in Tongues - (either Pentacostal, unknown, or foreign but known language)

(3) Homosexuality (This topic has ALWAYS degenerated into attacks on the sinner. It's OK to call homosexuality - the sin - an abomination, but NOT the sinner)

(4) Predestination, Calvinism, Arminianism or Preterism - (or any variations.)

(5) Soul Sleep - (any variant or any viewpoint.)

(6) Deviant behavior, including bestiality, animal sacrifice (except from a scriptural reference), human sacrifice, Voodoo, Witchcraft and variants or components of these. (If you have a question, PM the Mods before you post. Staff decisions will be final.)

(7) Anything dealing with transgender topics including psychology and surgery.

(8) Rapture in any form.

Not open for further replies.