Torment . how to avoid the unnecessary variety .

Michael Collum

Torment . how to avoid the unnecessary variety .

10:19 PM 29/07/2010

Torment . how to avoid the unnecessary variety .

In this place of burning . I was meditating on all i have learned . and what may yet get me out of this place . no, what will get me out of this place . for His promise is sure .

it has been said of old time that if you judge others without mercy . then judgement without mercy will be heaped on your head . but mercy triumphs over judgment . mercy triumphs over judgment . therefore, be merciful . always .

the response to torment .. is not so much .. heeeeelp! . though that is what God kinda hears a lot . if you sense this excessive amount of burning inside . and you have been into the scriptures and seem to think your way of interpreting it is better than anyone elses .. then you need to hear this .

The fire that burns in such a place is condemnation . when one relies too much on the law .. the bible .. the written word .. then they fall from grace . falling from grace places you in a situation where you are subject to consequence and a legal version of scripture governing your reality . and this is exactly where the enemy wants you .

at a time like this it is easy to blame the fruit of sin . blame your own actions for what has happened .. but this is playing into the realm of condemnation . Paul spoke of falling into condemnation i think at least once in his letters .. and this is the place he was talking about . if you are a child of God, then your judgment is now . not on that day . so if you are being a self-righteous judgmental pharisee .. expect for that sin to eat you up inside .. and after the flame that appears to be devouring our sin devours all the parts of your mind and heart that it was affecting .. you will find yourself in a place of blackness .. because you trusted in judgment to destroy the sin .. but there was no mercy to restore your soul according to His lovingkindness and His name sake .

when dealing with sin . keep your eyes ahead . just because you messed up .. it doesn't mean you should keep doing the same thing . Also, beating yourself up over it .. just makes you more likely to sin again .. and more frequently and more likely beat yourself up over it over and over again .. and go into some state of hopelessness .. because "you can't do anything right" but that isn't you talking .. it is sin talking . Therefore, as God is merciful and kind . be merciful and kind as a response to such phenomena . and be merciful to yourself as well .

my understanding of how it works and what has served me well goes as follows:



--- Pre-Fall thinking, appreciation, mutual respect, mercy, love, trust, expectancy, just being --

Choice .

--- Consequential thinking, blame, fault, either or, must be right, must control everything --



One leads to another and over time .. one type of existence progresses . but one is never without hope . because God can create and resurrect . so there is always hope .

never give up .

I posted this because it was what came to me . and knowing the nature of my gift, maybe someone else was going through the same thing . i'll return to sabbatical now . hope you all are well . and if you have a question for me specifically PM me, and i will respond to stuff when i return . my spiritual gift makes it stressful to read through posts at this time . but God gives grace . may you all live in grace and see visions of his heavenly glory .

-Michael Collum