Totally suprised today :D

Okay today I was supposed to go to an interview, although the person that was to interview me hired someone else, something even better happened to me today . :) When my mom arrived home, she took to another place to put out an application ... and when I was asking the lady for an application its almost as if I slide out of my shell. Usually i'd say a few words or two, but instead I'd joked around with her and made her laugh, it happened so sudden i didn't even expect it XD She told me the positions were full so I decided to volunteer instead... and idk it felt like magic to me, bc for onec I was finally able to open up, make people laugh and show the side of me that was always hidden due to fear of judgement. Anyways I felt so open :D I talked to the lady that deals w/ volunteers and I was able to talk so freely to her, made her laugh, talked to other people. It was amazing! Its just when you remeber yourself as being this really closed off shy kid, always sitting in the back off the class, hidding in the library for lunch, a day like today comes as a total and complete surprise. I thank the Lord ^^ I'm sure it was him , I remeber praying , that I just wanted to "be myself" and I guess today was it :)
Today was totally awesome.

Also the lady said she'd call me back tommorow for the volunteering postion I fell completeley and totally happy. I could do a back flip, if I knew how.
O Lord ty for lining up this opportunity for Pancakes for possible employment. Make her shine during the interview and make the boss' melt. Amen

my prayers are answered!!! TY JESUS

O boy it looks like you melted them all right heheheheehh!!! next is your going to get paid for your Pancakes. Rite on Girl!!
I too hope you can soon be paid for your work, but in the meantime you have an opportunity to minister and work and grow and shine, and these things will make you more prepared for whatever the future brings.
As my nephew says, "PRAISE THE GOD!!!"

I'm so glad to hear that you feel freeing to be yourself. That is wonderful. I pray you find a "paying" job very soon.