Town and Country

Just wondering how many of us live in town and how many live in the country and the benefits and also downsides of each.

Where I live is town, I grew up in town. I had never really been to the countryside and lived there but my town USED to be a country town. Our town was quite close to the rural area but it was mostly orchard and vineyard land before got subdivided into suburban plots.
I don't live right in the city, but thats where all the big business is.
In our town, there is shopping mall, main street, council buildings, civic centre. But its been run down a lot lately and also some crimes been happening there. However I still think its friendly place to live.

There are lots of different churches.

I went wwwoofing last year and got to taste a bit of the country lifestyle. I enjoyed it even though some of it was hard work! It's a fair way to drive though and you absolutely need wheels. Also people more friendly and less suspicious I suppose, and less stressed out about life. But can be isolated.
I grew up in town.
My places of work were always in major towns,
My places of residence have migrated out to the country.
I now live about 10 miles from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Semi rural, but close enough to town for convenient access to town services.

As far as isolation, I felt more isolated when I was living in a dense townhouse community than I do out in the countryside. I saw my neighbors, and we would wave or pass a little time of day, but if I needed a friend, I would call someone from church or my office. Now that I am out in the sticks, I am more involved with those I meet.

This got me thinking about who is my neighbor. I have come to the understanding that my neighbor that I am to love is whomever whit which I interact.
I suppose Jesus had a slightly different definition of a neighbour than what we normally think - not just those living next to us. He said those with whom we show compassion.

I think if had the means, would love to live in the countryside, but it is quite a different way of life from the convenience of the city. It would also depend on what kind of farming - horticulture or agriculture you were doing or whether you maybe could have a 'lifestyle block' caring for so much land takes up all of your time.

Suburbia is the best of both worlds I think, if you have a sizeable section but nowadays it is becoming more and more expensive to buy a decent section. Jesus grew up in Galillee which was rural and I think he wasn't really used to how people lived and behaved in the city which must have been what Jerusalem was at the time, a great big city bustling with people. He needed to get away often, going up to the mountain to pray. Also I think he liked going to gardens - his last night on earth he went to Gesthemane to pray.

I think its really important that towns have parks and gardens. So people can be connected to nature and God's creation.
Hmm..two votes for country.

I suppose distinction between town and country and also city neeeds to be made. Cos there are country towns.

I read somewhere that to be a city, it needs to have a cathedral.
I dont know about that, these days, it seems to be a city, you need an international airport.