Transform Me

Read Romans 12:2.
I am all in when I resist destructive influences.
“Do not be conformed to this world.” It seems pretty
clear. Yet many followers of Christ struggle with it. Slowly and gradually we allow the philosophy and thinking of the world to influence us, and oſten we don’t even notice. What causes us to fail to see our own personal conformity to the world? What excuses do we oſten make? What is the difference between being conformed to the world and simply living in the world? If you were really honest with yourself, where are you being conformed to the world?

Read Romans 12:2 again.
I am all in when I’m changed by God’s truth.The answer to conformity to the world is renewing our minds. This means seeing the world the same way God sees it. God wants us to continually be checking back to the His truth to be renewed in our perspective on life. How has God’s truth renewed your thinking in the last three months? What is an example from your life when you started thinking like the world, but then renewed your mind in God’s truth and were transformed by it? Practically, what are some simple ways you continually renew your mind?


Account Closed
It is very difficult not to conform to the world.
Each and every one of us has been indoctrinated by the world from the day of our birth.
It is all most people know.
It takes a lot of insight to understand that the vast majority of what you have been led to believe
by your government, leaders, businesses, and general populace is all pure baloney.
Renewing our minds is not simply "changing" our thoughts, but actually putting off the old, negative thoughts as well as putting on God's Thoughts. In other words, we can't just say to God, "Lord, give me Your Thoughts," and somehow expect Him to "automatically" give us His Mind. We must first put off our own self-centered thinking by confessing, repenting, and then giving it to God. At this point, we can then put on the Mind of Christ.