Translation Of Coptic Praises From English To Chinese!

Christians Treasures Organization is opened to accept volunteers who are interested in helping to translate some Coptic Orthodox English songs/praises into Chinese, in hope to produce video-songs to post them on Youtube, all for the purpose of glorifying God through songs/praises to Him. One of the praises that will be translated from English to Chinese is the Saturday Psali/Epsalia, which is a chant said during Saturday Vespers and Saturday Midnight Praise in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Anyone interested in helping with our translating, proof-reading, singing or video-making, please email Christian Treasures Organization (
[email protected]) for further information. The work will be done by emailing, therefore the person can work at home. Every person may contribute his/her talents and time freely as he/she desires. It is meant to be an enjoyable pastime activity for those interested in this type of work, and not meant to be strenuous nor demanding. It is an opportunity to unite with other Chinese Christians from differing churches internationally to produce Chinese praises to praise and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God reward you for your interest and help,
Christian Treasures organization