Troubling question!

Troubling question!

History of Paul.
I need to know who Paul was, what Gods plan for him was and things like that.
I am ridding a battle in my mind with his history, to rid the battle I need to know who Paul was.
I know alot about Paul, but I dont know what God saw him as, a saint or what???


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he probably thought he was fighting for God,but found out he was doing work for the enemy.that is the fine line we all walk in this life.
I guess what I am asking, did Paul ever make mistakes??
Or was he more like Jesus in the sense that Jesus never made a mistake.
We are talking AFTER he became a servant to the LORD - not before.
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Paul made mistakes . yes . and he changed his mind as he continued on in his life with God . he seemed to become more merciful and less cutthroat about his associations for one . all of us go through a growth process . and as Paul grew in the Lord . his application became better and better and more Godly and acting out of trust in Him .

but i can cite a number of out-takes from his letters when compared to the standard Jesus set out . but don't want to ruffle any feathers .

love bless

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LOL! Okay here goes . . .

I believe EVERYONE (except Jesus and especially me) makes mistakes.

I believe the greatest mistake anyone can make is to deny knowing Jesus.

That's was Peter's greatest mistake was . . .

Matthew 26:69-75

Mark 14:66-72

Luke 22:54-62



2 Timothy 1:1 .... There is so much to be talked about in the life of Paul that is impossible to document everything here. but I will just go here in Timothy .

The inscription of the epistle Paul calls himself an apostle by the will of God, merely by the good pleasure of God, and by his grace, which he professes himself unworthy of. According to the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus, or according to the gospel. The gospel is the promise of life in Christ Jesus; life is the end, and Christ the way, Jn. 14:6. The life is put into the promise, and both are sure in Christ Jesus the faithful witness; for all the promises of God in Christ Jesus are yea, and all amen, 2 Co. 1:20. He calls Timothy his beloved son. Paul felt the warmest affection for him both because he had been an instrument of his conversion and because as a son with his father he had served with him in the gospel.

Observe, 1. Paul was an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God; as he did not receive the gospel of man, nor was taught it, but had it by the revelation of Jesus Christ (Gal. 1:12), so his commission to be an apostle was not by the will of man, but of God: in the former epistle he says it was by the commandment of God our Saviour, and here by the will of God. God called him to be an apostle.

2. We have the promise of life, blessed be God for it: In hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised before the world began, Tit. 1:2. It is a promise to discover the freeness and certainty of it.

3. This, as well as all other promises, is in and through Jesus Christ; they all take their rise from the mercy of God in Christ, and they are sure, so that we may safely depend on them.

4. The grace, mercy, and peace, which even Paul's dearly beloved son Timothy wanted, comes from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord; and therefore the one as well as the other is the giver of these blessings, and ought to be applied to for them.

5. The best want these blessings, and they are the best we can ask for our dearly-beloved friends, that they may have grace to help them in the time of need, and mercy to pardon what is amiss, and so may have peace with God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.