true or false game




TPBM will, after posting, have posted something on CFS on the day that the post below will have been made.
True. But it's a little hard that this is named "true or false game", when on the other forum I am a member of, there are both a TPBM game, (which is what this one is) and a "True and False" game, which is just an ask a true or false question game. (I'd create one, but I'm sure it would confuse people.) And it seems that even though this site promotes itself as being friendly and for fellowship, there's really not much fellowshipping participation among the membership here. :)

TPBM cuts their own hair. :)
I wish! It would save me some money! I need a trim, now that I think of it. Got serious split ends going on.

TPBM will visit the Coffee House soon, for coffee (or whatever) and fellowship.:D