Truth Is Powerful

many years ago i was asked as a young christian to bring a word of encouragement from The Lord to a group of people, who were in difficuilt circumstances.

The Holy Spirit gave me , "Yo shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Jesus had been discussing Kingdom living basics with His disciples,and gave them a very clear promise that by abiding in His Word, or in Him (john 1:1-3), we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. I am faced at the moment with fruit from an earlier part of my life, which has destroyed our family and our relationships.

Two years ago God began a massive restoration, in my family. Out of left field Sunday night one of my children appeared to be angry about their childhood and i had two choices, go back to my old way of life or move forward and grow in God.
After a time of prayer and waiting on the Lord i went to proverbs 15:6 "a soft answer turns away wrath" the response was awesome and opened the door for a place of deeper healing, and was a conversation we needed to have but both avoided, until now.

I find walking in truth and living daily in truth, especially when it is just me and God, a huge challenge, but love the fact that God has given me His Grace to obtain His Mercy at my point of need (romans. I
n psalm 51
David is deeply moved by the Holy spirit to come before God in repentance, and is painfully and radically aware of the sinful state of his heart, and the neccessity to come before God in truth and admit his is inability to do anything to change His heart, only God can do that , verses 4-15. following in verse 16 and 17 David has a revelation that brings him to the crux of repentance, a broken spirit and a broken and contrite (a willingness to let God's Love been the motivation behind our repentance, not fear of future consequences of our actions), previously, in verse 3 of chapter 12, Paul told us "the law came by Moses but the truth came by Jesus Christ".
I guess this brings me back to psalm 51:4-17 God's desire for us to live with truth in our hearts, and John 8:32 that we know, and allow God's truth to set us free, so that like the Samarian woman in John:4:23 we will learn to worship God the Father in Spirit and truth.
Kathleene, it sounds like God is really moving in your life - for His own purpose. And it sounds like you are willing to let Him make those moves - and seeing the fruit of His work! That is fantastic - and worthy of much praise to the Father!

Welcome! :)