Trying To Find A Resource.

I'm looking for a ministry that call themselves 'connect'. They publish what might be loosely called music for worship/praise. All I can say is that at the bottom of the screen, their Logo looks like CONNECT or maybe CONNECT. Then something about connecting people with God. I found one site that says much the same, but with no music links and the logo is not the same. Any clues??
No unfortunately. The Song's name (if I had my say) would be 'let's all blaspheme together'. But I don't get to name it.
The pastor knows just what I think of it and I doubt I'll be able to find out from the music group because I can be very vocal about what I think is wrong. The refrain though I believe is something like 'we are the righteousness of God' over and over a few times. When they threw that up on the screen I went ballistic.
No idea Dirty, I have given all the info I can, meager as it is.
There is a 'connect' type ministry in Sutherland NSW, but every reference I can find just uses the word "connect" as a standard font. The mob I'm trying to find use that mixed font as I illustrated......and that is what I can't find anywhere on the web.