Tsunami 2004 In Aceh

This story is a true story and the secret behind the tsunami in Aceh with the testimony of 400 people Christians. It's kinda old because it's happened 8 years ago.

Dated December 24, 2004, a church congregation numbered about 400 people in Meulaboh, Aceh Darussalam, were gathering in the church, preparation for Christmas, they were suddenly visited by a bunch of faceless violent mob.

They are citizens of the city, town elders, government officials and police of the Muslim society. They indignantly warned them not to celebrate Christmas. But the priest and church members were trying to defend himself, more or less said:
"Why sir? We're just celebrating our religious holidays. We do not riot or crime really. Rest assured, we will not disturb anyone."

But the mass was ignored and said:
"One should not, it should not be! This is the land of Islam! You infidels should not pollute our city! Listen, if we kill you, no one will defend you, you know it!"

But church people still trying to persuade the masses. Then the mass is malignant and decided this way:
"You are not allowed to celebrate Christmas in the city. If you celebrate it here, you will know your own risk!But if you still want to celebrate Christmas, we allow you to celebrate in a mountain forest there!"

After that, the mob went away. Then the priest and the church was conferred, deciding whether it should cancel Christmas, or go to the forest and celebrate Christmas there. Eventually they chose the second option. Then off they went to the mountain.

Somewhere, they began to clean grass and shrubs, tarpaulins, plastic sheeting tied to trees as shade roofs, The next day, December 25, 2004, they go to the mountain to celebrate Christmas.

The celebration of Christmas was truly heartbreaking. They bawl to God, asking for his defense. Most of them decided to stay in the woods that night.

Then early in the morning once, when it was still dark, the priest's wife woke up from sleep. She had a strange dream, awaken her husband and others. In her dream Jesus came to her, comfort her by saying:
"Be of good courage, O My child. Do not you cry anymore. It's not you that they drove out, but Me! Any nation that drove Me and My name out from their country, will not escape from My fiery wrath. Get up and go to town, take all your families there to this place right now, because I'm going to hit this country with My hands!"

Then they discuss the dream for a moment. Some people think that is just ordinary dream, to calm the priest's wife, they said:
"Madam, never mind, do not be sad anymore. Surely it's just a dream because you are too sad". But some people believe that the dream was really God's message. Finally they decided to follow the message in the dream. Some people are assigned to the city early in the morning to call the families of the congregation who did not participate in the woods.

When the early morning, at about 7-8 A.M they all had to be back in the mountains, they struck a terrible earthquake shocks. Shortly thereafter, the Great Tsunami begin to happen.

Now, the church priest who survived going everywhere, testify to the remarkable story to churches throughout Indonesia.

In 2009 it also said Jakarta would be wiped too by God... (I know this from other chuch congregation and our church too that God ordered us to pray for Jakarta) The angels guarded the city ... Thanks to the Christian prayers, it's not happen!

After the threat is real ... the intelligence of the TNI Infantry Battalion xxxx sent to protect Christians who celebrate Christmas, to avoid any conflict of religion issue. and that Battalion also survived the tsunami disaster.

FYI, while Metro TV premiere, amateur video tapes of the official's wife was called, "Spare us ... God ... God of Christians ... Spare us... Spare us..."

And was witnessed by millions of viewers, after passing a day, that amateur video was edited and removed part of it.

There is a private video shoot in an area of ​​the enormity of the tsunami in Banda Aceh. It is Cut Putri's video; daughter of a high general. She is the witness and with her family when it happen, they are in upper floor. That video become Metro TV property. Many people watching it and asking to replay it again. But too bad the part of Cut Putri's word must be cut after the premiere, she said like this in the video:
"O Allah, why we must suffer like this, why not those Christians (Gentiles)?"
And some conversation by a woman when she saw someone (maybe her husband) drowning. "Jesus, God of Christians please spare us..."
I still couldn't find the original video, all video been edited because there some time in that video missing or jump a few seconds.
Thank you for ur testimony.. This strengthen my faith that He always watches over us. Jesus bless u and ur testimony.
A great and powerful testimony to the Lord's power,love and devotion to His children who accept him into their hearts and also protects those who protects his children.
Thank you for sharing it Etty
Blessings in Christ
Thank you for sharing Etty :). Even the animals are warned before God will let a great disaster strike, in future just like in the past God will warn each of His children and creatures. Not even a sparrow falls without him knowing about it and that is very reassuring to know :).

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The question is "Did God slaughter thousands or is the work of Satan?"
Well I am basing my opinion on the op, however if the op is not true, then sure you can blame satan or base the disaster on something else like plate tectonics.
Yes...I realized that the OP suggested that thousands of non-Christians were killed while the Christians were spared...It smacks of revenge by God on unbelievers via natural disasters, which I don't buy.....I'll just mention a few reasons:


Hurricane Sandy

killer floods in Canada

hurricanes in Oklahoma

Guest 3

Yes...I realized that the OP suggested that thousands of non-Christians were killed while the Christians were spared...It smacks of revenge by God on unbelievers via natural disasters, which I don't buy.....I'll just mention a few reasons:


Hurricane Sandy

killer floods in Canada

hurricanes in Oklahoma
Smacky it is.


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Satan has no power to cause natural disasters, he is not an "evil god", just a fallen angel.
The key word in "natural disaster" is "natural". God has ordained a world that has moving parts, and occasionally
the parts cause trouble for the inhabitants. Those who serve God can ask that He protect them, or postpone or minimize the chaos from "natural disasters". Those who deny or despise God are on their own, and get to suffer the fruits of their apostasy.