Tuesday 4/29/14 Bible Study Pastor Michael Abiding In Christ For The Blessing

Tuesday 4/29/14 Bible Study Pastor Michael Abiding in Christ For The Blessing John 15:1-7, I John 2:6, 10, 28

We are all saved “from” something. It is our particular sin. God’s plan for us is to live in a blessed place. Period! No high highs or low lows. God does not want us to live a moody life. He wants us to live a permanent blessed life! Jesus is the true vine and we are the branches. We should bear fruit or we will get cut off. We don’t need to be a hanging branch, unconnected! If we get pruned then there are trials we go thru until we depend on God only. The pruning is a cutting away of what is in us or in our life that is not producing. A hanging branch is like a person who hangs around with church people and goes to church functions but is not connected to Jesus Christ. A hanging branch has a branch part that is connected to the vine and a branch part that is connected to a weed! A weed!

God gets sick and tired of us living below our privilege! He cuts it off. We feel pain but we get through it. Then the memory of the pain we went thru when letting go of the sin, reminds us and stops us from ever going back to this sin. A pruned branch gets exposed and then it wants to be connected quickly to the vine. The cleaning in verse 3 comes from the Word keeping you from acting like a fool! The Word stops you from cussing people out! We have been washed!

When we abide in Jesus, the branch bears fruit. Only with Jesus can the branch bear fruit! Joy comes from abiding in the vine. Happy is dependent on circumstances around you. The Joy of the Lord stays with you no matter what circumstances you are in! Abide in Jesus and we will bear more fruit and be more blessed. The blessing is having a right mind, sleeping good, having peace, no taking drugs to get high. We get high on Jesus!

**How To Abide In Christ For The Blessing:
1. By partaking of Christ
2. By abiding in His word
3. By keeping His commandments
4. By the help of the Holy Spirit

**Reasons to Abide In Christ For The Blessing:
1. To bear much fruit
2. Without Him we can do nothing
3. To see answers to prayer
4. So we will not wither and dry up spiritually
5. So we will not be ashamed before Him when He returns

**Tests of Abiding In Christ for The Blessing:
1. To walk as He walked
2. That we love the brethren
3. That we are keeping His commandments
4. That we are not habitually practicing sin