i doubt he has many fans here but we will see. who likes him? he has openly said he is a christian, he has a cross tattoo on his back. he has songs such as "hail mary" "temptations" "blashphemy" and he has the entire album "tha don killuminati the 7 day theory" wich he released under the name "makavelli". he was a great poet and did alot for his community and the world. "staring through my reirview" is a great song, samples "in the air tonight" by phil collins. he had "dear mama" and "unconditional love" wich showed his sensitive side.

Come with me
Hail Mary, come quick see
What do we have here now?
Do you wanna ride or die?
Ride, die die die die, die die die)

[FONT=Verdana,Arial]and God said he should send his one begotten son to lead the wild into the way of the man
[FONT=Verdana,Arial]Be my flesh, flesh and my flesh[/FONT] [FONT=Verdana,Arial]Come with me
Hail Mary, run quick see
What do we have here now?
Do you wanna ride or die?
Ride, die da die die, die die die


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or was he?

He may have called himself a Christian, and even maintained some Christian ideas in his music and life, but the life he was living and promoting was anything BUT Christian.

That being said, I listen to plenty of non-Christian music, so that alone doesn't bother me at all. During his life, I respected what he was trying to do MUSICALLY. Because I understand the desire to make music, even if my motives are vastly different than his. I respect the art involved.

Never really got into his music, but I have heard it, and what I heard wasn't bad. I can respect someone who produces tons of short songs instead of focusing all their energy on 5-10 minute ballads.
yea i know he was shot, becous he was killed notorious b.i.g got killed. i know whis way of life was everything christians dont agree with, but i am also pretty sure (not completly sure) he was repenting.
Hi Daniel I m new here and just finding my way around.
My son used to listen a lot aof Tupac, and he went off the rails quite badly, thankfully he was dramatically saved and has been in Bible college etc!
I think Tupac had a sense of God, and I believe he was searching, but the lifestyle he lived was quite a dark one from what I understand, some of his songs show he had a spiritual awareness, I hope and pray he got saved even if it was in thos final moments.
The enemy has stolen too many young lives.
well i was a true fan for many years,I own all his albums movies and many documentaries...
I work 12 hour night shifts and used to listen to all his songs over and over...
my friends used to think I was a crazy mad 2pac fan...
he does sing about a lot of good but he was some one who used to read a lot and I think to much info got the better of him...
he used to portray himself as a black jesus of America...and many would believe it bec he used to live by the ghetto...
drink,smoke and even died from the ghetto so they believe that he was a prophet of the 21st century...
His got song like like mentioned above Hail Mary,blasphemy,black jesus...
some of the things he says in his music is " expect me ni*** like u expect Jesus to come back expect me *****,I'm coming...
he said this to his enemies bec he claims to one day being resurrected...
another is in the song blasphemy he writes things like "every body kissing ass to go to heaven ain't going"
I believe this person was a very intelligent person and gained a lot of info and than became confused on what to believe and confused on what he believed in...
I used to listen to him every day...
I dont any more...he will always be the best rapper in my point if view..
will I listen to him again?
I can't say:)
but I think if his music comes to a weak minded person it could do some damage bec his music is also a lot on killing enemies etc...
so its good motivation if u wanna kill ...
so his music does more damage in my eyes than good depending on who you are...
There was one song by Tupac I liked, the lyrics were nice [to me]. I have never really been interested in much Hip Hop/Rap. I listen to it at times, but not that much.
He has got plenty good motivational music which will do no harm:) very good poetry and very good motivation for African American women,men the poor and everyone:)
I didnt mean to say he was evil:)