TV Review - Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns

TV Review - Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns


Mr. Brown (David Mann) and his daughter, Cora (Tamela Mann)

Tyler Perry has adapted many of his most famous plays such as Madea Goes to Jail and Madea's Family Reunion into big screen hits. He has also adapted two shows to the home television set, House of Payne and Meet the Browns. Both air on TBS every Wednesday and feature casts from some of his plays.

Meet the Browns is funny, witty, and interesting. It is not stereotypical in any way, and it is not full of 'I want to be funny but I can't' jokes that fail to even crack a smile. However, Tyler Perry goes from comedy to melodrama and sometimes we are left wondering - why?

Meet the Browns, in its second season, focuses less on silly Mr. Brown, the fill-in for Madea, and more on Sasha and Will, their marriage relationship, and their adoptive children, Brianna and Joaquin. Mr. Brown's parts just seem to be fill-ins to 'lighten' the mood.

Tyler Perry has always had trouble settling on a line of comedy or drama. It seems he wants to do comedy but really desires to have some dramatic television show full of angst and pains. Some of his movies are overly dramatic, and repetitive. His favorite subject is married couples and their problems. Why? I don't know.

Most people watch Tyler Perry's works because of their Christian themes. But it seems he uses that only to attract audiences, not as a serious part of the movie, or an underlying basis. Sometimes, his movies are so dramatic they are almost hard to sit through and situations are bent out of proportion.

Meet the Browns was funny - in its first season. But now it is seriously lacking in charm and has become another one of Tyler's angst fests.