Twentieth Anniversary of 9-1-1

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As we approach the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attacks and devastation in New York, Washington D.C. and a farm field in Pennsylvania, we think back to where we were that morning and what we were doing as these events unfolded. We all know the details, we all know who was responsible, we all grieved for those who were lost and we all prayed for the survivors, first responders and the families. Now, 20 years later, we see that the stronghold and the organizations that planned the attacks in 2001 are once again in the news. The 'so called' policies coming out of Washington D.C. over the past 8 months have created chaos, not only in the US at the southern border, but in Afghanistan, and have made the entire world less safe. The release of 5 Terrorists from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility in 2014 was another Washington blunder, because several of those terrorists and now back in power and plotting to do more terrorist acts.

The return of an entire country to terrorist control, and an ill conceived 'plan' to evacuate military personnel BEFORE all US Citizens and those working for the US were evacuated, and for the party in charge in Washington D.C. to hand over an entire military base including several billion dollars worth of weapons and military hardware, has given the terrorists almost unlimited resources to further their agenda of destruction.

Yes, we remember 9-1-1 and "we will never forget", but when the next rounds of terrorist attacks occur, and they WILL, where will we be and what will we be doing when those terrorist events take place and are forever etched in our memories? Be observant, be safe and if you see or hear anything that could possibly be tied to terrorist activity, call the US FBI Terrorist Task Force and report it: 1-800-225-5324. If You See Something, Say Something !

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